September 4, 2009

* I'm trying to recover July 28th video of Al Franken
* White House to release visitor logs every trimester
* Parents afraid to let children hear president speak
* Men perplexed by women who choose to remain single
* DVD Mr Hulot's Holiday [1953] jazz and visual gags


September 3, 2009

* Insurance company death panels reject 22% of claims
* US citizens die just because they haven't got money
* US Religious Right's rhetoric of "kill or be killed"
* Medicare re-attaches finger of healthcare protestor
* Japan's new first lady has habit of "eating the sun"

* Sediment indicates reversal of arctic cooling trend
* Wikipedia flagged revision helps vandalism-fighters
* Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood on sound quality of MP3
* Food critic Anthony Bourdain Disappearing Manhattan
* The Yes Men Fix The World in US theatres next month


September 2, 2009

* Pastor Anderson enjoys silence of religious leaders
* Republican Senators prefer government-run hospitals
* CIA officer: exercise disabled US defenses for 9/11
* Tom Ridge disavows the dust jacket on his new book
* Sarah Palin wanted to conceal daughter's pregnancy

* Space Station would fire thrusters to avoid debris
* Internet precursor ARPANET started forty years ago
* Tax haven Isle of Man never became part of the UK
* Hitler only wanted Danzig, Austria & Sudentenland
* American Qur'an by California artist Sandow Birk


September 1, 2009

* US diplomats embraced Nuremberg Defense under Bush
* Senator prepares hundreds of procedural objections
* "Laptop" depicted in 1974 Flash Gordon translation
* My first connection to public WiFi on Linux today
* Video explains Federer's nearly flawless footwork

* Problems arise when we try to improve upon nature

August 31, 2009

* Troubled students train to deal with unfair police
* Detainee had valuable intelligence despite torture
* 70th anniversary of the start of WWII: graphic art
* AIG CEO regrets comment regarding Attorney General
* Opponents of universal healthcare won't compromise

August 29, 2009

* Astroturfers debut 5-point quality control program
* Veterans Administration helps end-of-life planning
* Republican National Committee's health care survey
* Albert Jay Nock opposed WWI, WWII, "Welfare State"
* Lactose tolerance gene traced to Linearbandkeramik


August 28, 2009

* Barney Frank signs on to audit The Federal Reserve
* Pentagon-hired company profiles embedded reporters
* "Post Trumatic Stress Disorder" is a chronic wound
* EFF continues to litigate warrantless surveillance
* Court stops 13 year old girl from circumnavigation

August 27, 2009

* Pictures of a hike up Mt Eddy from Deadfall Lakes


August 25, 2009

* After Afghanistan election, Feingold wants timetable
* History of Republican attempts to eliminate Medicare
* Dramatic increase in placebo effect since the 1980's
* MP3 Come On Darkness Camper Van Beethoven; americana
* 360 square foot cob house built for $3000: materials

* Harpers Magazine on the CIA Inspector General report
* FCC declares intention to enforce network neutrality
* Invisible background grid & clock of Newtonian space
* Placard about Homo Sapien installed outside zoo cafe
* Other runners raise suspicion about Semenya's gender

* The Pirate Bay taken offline by Swedish authorities

August 24, 2009

* ACLU gets redacted 2004 CIA Inspector General report
* NY Times series on high frequency securities trading
* Republicans rescue seniors they terrorized with lies
* Republicans used reconciliation with simple majority
* 33 Fox News advertisers avoid The Glenn Beck Program

August 23, 2009

* Horrifying health care email forwarded multiple times
* Cigna purges small companies that have sick employees
* Dishonour a bigger disincentive than legal punishment
* I gave the 1975 Peugeot 504D to Heidi, who read to me
* Thanks to Hevanet for configuring Ubuntu on my laptop

* Large pictures of Greenland's settlements, landscapes
* Oliver wrote the constitution for Republic of Minerva
* Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story trailer 2009
* Two-Tiered Market: Goldman Sachs selective disclosure
* Thought-terminating cliches calm cognitive dissonance


August 22, 2009

* Time magazine covers unsustainable farming practices
* "We discussed whether raising alert would hurt Bush"
* Satellite images show growth of Blackwater compound
* Apology for 1968 My Lai Massacre vis Seymour Hersh
* Lou Dobbs touring single payer health care systems


* "Zero" interest rate raises concern about inflation

August 21, 2009

* Death Panel Lady Betsy McCaughey visits Jon Stewart
* Ridge opposed twice raising alert prior to election
* Video on judicial activism removed for terms of use
* opposes terms of Google digital library
* Mexico decriminalizes possession of cocaine, heroin

August 20, 2009

* Freak storm uproots 100+ trees in Central Park [NY]
* Rachel Maddow in debut appearance on Meet The Press
* Glenn Beck vacation comes after advertiser backlash
* Fox guest Scott Blakeman sums up Republican thinking
* The Pirate Bay code and 873,671 files in one torrent

August 19, 2009

* Corporations have rights of people without the risks
* Chance of nazi reference in an argument approaches 1
* Lazy people say life is sacred only during gestation
* Only in America can you face bankruptcy for illness
* First Grandma performs Santeria at the White House

August 18, 2009

* Undergraduates capable of fabricating DNA evidence
* Cemeteries getting more requests to buy back plots
* Police knew about plan for assault rifle interview
* UK campaign for posthumous apology to Alan Turing
* Business Software Alliance less reviled than RIAA

August 17, 2009


August 15, 2009

* Glenn Beck's own health care horror story of 2008


August 14, 2009

* International Space Station comes together [Flash]
* Treehugger would-be assassin Squeaky Fromme freed
* DirectTV refuses to delete former customers SSN's
* Misconceptions spread by opponents of health care
* Colbert on exodus of Glenn Beck Program sponsors

* Limbaugh & Rove to play themselves on Family Guy
* Edward Fredkin thinks the universe is a computer
* Tariq Ramadan to chair Islamic Studies at Oxford
* DVD Taxi to the Dark Side [2007] CIA sensory dep
* NFL: Michael Vick signs with Philadelphia Eagles

August 10, 2009

* I'm headed to Deadfall Lakes for a couple of days

August 8, 2009

* I passed the entry level cisco 640-822 examination

August 6, 2009

* Goldman Sachs: poster child of "new welfare state"
* Video: government required sex change, euthanasia
* Chances of death increase exponentially as we age
* New movies & books addressing asperger's syndrome
* Video: reporter shares mistakes made off-the-grid

August 5, 2009

* Court declarations by anonymous Blackwater guards
* Government siezes creationist dinosaur theme park
* Gitmo Uighurs prepare Bermuda golf course for PGA
* The liar's advantage: people prefer to have faith
* Probability "health insurance" will deny coverage

August 2, 2009

* Jerusalem's Palestinians evicted by Supreme Court
* Insurance industry role in lack of US health care
* Highest rate of longterm unemployment since 1930s
* Faith Healer going to jail after daughter's death
* Lobbyists fake letters to Congress from "ethnics"

* Icelandic bank fights publication of insider list

August 1, 2009

* Charlie Rose brokered Fox/MSNBC mutual censorship
* God & history cited to justify policy preferences

July 31, 2009

* Children unconsciously more rational than adults


July 30, 2009

* Sudanese woman says not guilty for wearing pants
* Surveillance video of detention by Mormon police
* Cop uses "disorderly conduct" to fight criticism
* "in another man's shoes": psychological distance
* I'll be out for several days in the next 2 weeks

* Video: millions lose homes, can't afford doctors
* Don't like public option? Keep private insurance
* Army may've infiltrated Northwest anti-war group
* Documentary The People Speak [2009]; Howard Zinn
* Monkey herds goats without training, supervision


July 29, 2009

  Video: Senator Franken refers to judicial activism


July 28, 2009

  Shatner adapts Palin to poetry [short advert req.]


July 27, 2009

  Max Keiser explains Goldman Sachs fraud in detail


July 26, 2009

  I won't be posting here in the usual way in coming days.
  I don't want to predict what will become of this weblog.
  It just won't be the same. Sorry for any disappointment.
  Meanwhile, here's an anecdote from my travels last night.

July 25, 2009

* I'm visiting family and friends up north, back tomorrow

July 22, 2009

* CIA asset Afghan Uzbek leader suspected of mass murder
* Karzai pulls out of debate just hours before broadcast
* Journalist's murder led to Ukraine's Orange Revolution
* 650-750,000 Palestinian Arabs left their homes in 1948
* Israeli cell phone advert re-enacted at West Bank wall

* Allemanstratten/Every Person's Right: Access To Nature


July 21, 2009

* Expert: Pre-Columbus Vinland Map of America authentic
* Harvard professor arrested for breaking into his home
* Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr talks about his arrest
* Roald Dahl Fantastic Mr Fox film animation in November
* Ex-NFL star Michael Vick released from federal custody

* Clinton urges Micheletti to take advantage of mediator
* Mousavi backs Rafsanjani call to release demonstrators
* Iran military government facade of religious authority
* Church helps family values politicians hide mistresses
* "Their warmth is felt before their voices are audible"

* Bernanke exit strategy; "commoditization of US markets"
* Consumer prices down 1.4% in 12 months; up .7% in June
* California could soon stop issuing high interest IOUs
* "Buzz" Aldrin punched Moon landing conspiracy theorist
* Rick Sanchez addresses Birthers; "grasping at straws"

* Meet Birther Bill co-sponsor Rep. John Campbell (R-CA)
* Jackson Browne prevails after many motions to dismiss
* "Cancer Patient says Canadian care nearly killed her"
* Christian Zionists annual conference in Washington DC
* The United States has need of an enemy "at all times"

* Amateur discovered "scar the size of Earth" on Jupiter
* Redhat Linux will replace CIT on Standard & Poor's 500
* Bush tax cuts far outweighed by rising insurance rates
* Michael Steele on whether insurance should be required
* Pictures of Henry Miller's apartment in Clichy [Paris]

July 20, 2009

* Centrists would help Republicans stop Health Care bill
* Blue Dog Democrats oppose using Medicare payment rates
* Insurance Lobby's TV advert backs "bipartisan solution"
* GOP had time for bipartisan health care reform 2000-08
* Feingold questions legality of not informing Congress

* Israel to continue building in captured East Jerusalem
* Mormon Church owns plaza on Salt Lake City main street
* Burroughs: "Brion Gysin the only man I ever respected"
* New spot on Jupiter's south polar region may be impact
* Wernher von Braun: chief architect of Saturn V rocket

* Main loo fails while Space Station is at full capacity
* Emails between "Meet The Press" and Mark Sanford staff
* Brian Kilmeade apologizes for "pure societies" comment
* Siemens sold communication surveillance system to Iran
* HSBC buys public park for day, posts License Agreement

* Fake bus stop keeps Alzheimer's patients from escaping


July 19, 2009

* CIA hit squad planners were overwhelmed by "logistics"
* Amazon deleted purchased copies of "1984" from Kindle
* Creationists claim there are no "transitional fossils"
* Tom Watson was leading by one stroke at the 18th hole
* I learned about Julius Shulman when he died this week

July 18, 2009

* Junior Senator often asked to serve on Judiciary Cmte
* Centrists opposed competition of Medicare contractors
* Video: Obama's concluding remarks at NAACP centennial
* Cronkite contradicted military officials, saved lives
* I finally found the "natural food" store in Beaverton

* New Hate Crime bill because local officials lack will
* Injured Pontiff laments inability to clasp his hands
* Nobody wanted to hear Mark Klein's wiretapping story
* Reconnaissance Satellite specs drove shuttle design
* Facebook can post user's image in singles ad unless

July 17, 2009

* Family Guy 1st animated show to get Emmy nomination
* Maine residents gave $400 to gay marriage opponents
* Another C Street Republican fell off fidelity wagon
* Chip Pickering met with mistress at C Street Church
* CIA assassination program had no geographical limit

* Greenwald on ownership of the US federal government
* Rescue financial system without reforming it, repeat
* "Vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity"
* The New Yorker parody: Goldman Sachs "internal memo"
* High frequency trading = 73% of equity trade volume

* Large grassroots conservative lobbying organization
* Washington & Tokyo to talk about "nuclear umbrella"
* Mousavi present at former President's Friday sermon
* State broadcasting aired cooking show during sermon
* Solar system has 88 bits over 200 miles in diameter

* Onanism has been observed throughout animal kingdom
* Episcopalians bless gay bishops and same-sex unions
* MI5 whistleblower David Shayler is now Delores Kane
* Everest basecamp has hot water & fresh strawberries
* President Obama tipping back a cold one at the game

* US single family home June construction starts +14%
* Tower of Hercules lighthouse: almost 1900 years old
* Major differences between blood and tissue cell DNA
* Cleared Gitmo Uighurs say US betrayed them to China
* I use most of my energy to stop the "life process"


July 16, 2009

* American Medical Association backs health care bill
* Georgia seeks back child support from childless man
* Minnesotan ticketed for honking too much "for peace"
* California agency estimates revenue from taxing pot
* Another state secrets decision before Judge Walker

* Israeli troops in Gaza describe moral twilight zone
* Accord with India would help Pakistan fight Taliban
* Micheletti would resign if Zelaya is not reinstated
* Iranian pop singer held; former revolutionary guard
* WSJ: "victimization is what Ms. Palin is all about"

* Video: Obama "first pitch" knocked over the catcher
* Colbert demands Olbermann name him "worst person.."
* NSFW Carvey, Hartman, Franken SNL judiciary hearing
* David Chapelle appearance in Portland public square
* The physical pleasure of anger explains obstinancy

* Those for whom autism is advantage are undiagnosed
* AP attributes price of $1.5T to a "Democratic aide"
* Chinese GDP expanding at a rate of nearly 8 percent
* Naked short selling is invisible in a liquid market
* Glenn Beck: Goldman Sachs control the US government

* Max Keiser: Goldman Sachs stealing $100 million/day


July 15, 2009

* Hillary Clinton addresses Council on Foreign Relations
* Israel Project posts Global Dictionary without comment
* SCOTUS: drug test lab analysts must testify at trials
* Ed Schultz calls Rush Limbaugh a coward after remarks
* Video: Dylan Ratigan pursues Govt/Goldman collusion

* Videos: people flying down mountains in "wingsuits"


July 14, 2009

* House public option initially pays at Medicare rates
* US Justice Dept probing "credit default swap" markets
* Wall Street trading California IOUs, issued this month
* Israel testing long range missile off California coast
* Israeli warships pass southward through the Suez Canal

* Seymour Hersh reported on Cheney death squad in March
* Corporation uses Utah law to name town council members
* Oxford English Thesaurus out in October; took 42 years
* Book titles that "exist" only on pages of other books
* Inhaling M. vaccae soil bacterium increases seratonin

* Iranians boycott Nokia after government collaboration
* Bush blocked investigations into Afghanistan massacre
* "Dove World Outreach Center" defends anti-Islamic sign
* 352-371-2487: A young lady took my call at Dove Center
* Postal Service changed 1300 servers to Linux this year


* Video of 2009 All Star Game ceremonial first pitch
* President in announcers booth at the All Star Game
  [Willie Mays traveled to the game on Airforce One]

July 13, 2009

* Key Republican troubled that public option is cheaper
* Ze Frank asks "What is Progressive?" for Time magazine
* Goldman Sachs lofty profits on short term manipulation
* C Street christian mafia fellowship video part2 part3
* Oldest known bible Codex Sinaiticus published online

* "An inner process stands in need of outward criteria"
* Hard to perform tests on gravity at millimeter scale
* Spock perfectly comfortable with aspergers syndrome
* Differences between rainforest and desert societies
* Bir Tawil one of two areas not claimed by any state

* "Birther" Army Major refuses Afghanistan deployment
* Truthfulness requires no act of will for the honest
* We investigate marital infidelity but not CIA jails
* Codex Fejervary Mayer depicts Mesoamerican augural
* Before the Zionists, Arabs and Jews lived together

* Credit 30% of solar water heater toward Income Tax
* Debut of policy wonk Palin in the Washington Post
* Steps to disappearing include "spelling mistakes"
* Longterm study: people don't remember themselves
* Pictures of 2009 Venice Biennale art exhibition


July 12, 2009

* Goldman Sachs may have trade data before it's committed
* CBO estimate: public health option would save billions
* Costco photo contest entries become property of Costco
* Gov. Perry picks Creationist to run Board of Education
* Admonition by George Washington at "Battle of Trenton"

* Bullies of the "free market" need democratic regulation
* Ultimate Fighting Championship winner flips double bird
* Gentle rain falling this afternoon on Beaverton Oregon
* Michael Jackson was born in "hardscabble" Gary Indiana
* Convinced his safety leathers created unnecessary drag


July 11, 2009

* 1995 Ricci suit claimed discrimination for disability
* Moyers consults former head of Cigna public relations
* Lovers forced out of plaza near Salt Lake City temple
* Partisan appointees expected to be above partisanship
* President's Surveillance Programs retain data forever

* Programs may hide exculpatory evidence from defendants
* Obama visits former coastal slave trade depot in Ghana
* Incandescent bulb innovations started with regulations
* California State University won't take 2010 applicants
* 27 arrests after Earth First's "Round River Rendezvous"

* Yearly monsoons very late; killing for water in Bhopal
* Anil Dash remarks on Malcolm Gladwell v Chris Anderson
* Morning Joe seems to forget calling Madam Speaker liar
* Michael Moore's film Sicko can be seen at Google video
* Gordon Brown to send 2000 700 soldiers to Afghanistan

July 10, 2009

* Obamas visit Accra; Many US blacks decended from Ghana
* IG report on President's Surveillance Program released
* NPR turns camera on Health Care Industry stakeholders
* 6% of US scientists identify themselves as Republican
* David Brooks won't name Senator who touched his thigh

* Irish citizenry wonder who called for blasphemy law
* Castro: Honduran military coup could inspire region
* ARPANET engineer solves packet switching bottleneck
* Juniper researcher cancels presentation on ATM hack
* 8 common First Aid mistakes that make things worse

July 9, 2009

* US Senator's parents gave $96K to his mistress' family
* DVD Factory Girl [2006] Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick

July 8, 2009

* Obama doctrine: focuses more on weapons than regimes
* Panetta: CIA misled Congress on "significant actions"
* Former Attorney General to help retain undergraduates
* Israel denies team of European surgeons entry to Gaza
* 14 year old tasered by New Mexico cop because she ran

* Senior Tory directly accuses MI5 of passive rendition
* Morgan Stanley to repackage CDO's into AAA securities
* We think of time as straight, but display it rotating
* New Google Chrome OS developed around Chrome Browser
* Fox & Friends' Brian Kilmeade cites "pure societies"

* Rove finally deposed on 2006 firing of US Attorneys
* Hannity splices statements; plays viewers for fools
* San Francisco is a town where nobody calls bullshit
* Interim COO "restructuring" Krishnamurti Foundation
* Encyclical reveals Catholic "Social Responsibility"

July 7, 2009

* Goldman Sachs program trading source code in the wild
* US conservatives support Honduran "Coup for Democracy"
* Weakness makes US Social Security numbers predictable
* Radiohead's manager to launch digital recording label
* Language, even the voice that you use, isn't your own

* Video: West Bank settler calls activists tattle tales

July 6, 2009

* I'm reading Everson autobiography in Dark God Of Eros
* Dick Proenekke's cabin wasn't the first on Twin Lakes
* What you are allowed to get feels like what you want
* Famous/obscure musicians benefit from free downloads
* Video mashup of Palin coverage [Talking Points Memo]

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