November 20, 2009

* US House Finance Committee's trans-ideological vote
* Alan Grayson: "Waterloo for Federal Reserve secrecy"
* Goldman CEO apologizes for role in financial crisis
* Gaubatz agrees to return documents stolen from CAIR
* Standish city council unanimous resolution on Gitmo

* Several countries gave terror suspects public trials
* Hackers reveal email among Climate Change theorists
* World Atlas of aerial imagery and flight animations
* Bacteria engineered to reveal landmines; open source
* Bomjan opposes Gadhimai Mela animal sacrifice Nov 24

* Polymath Umberto Eco's interview covers lists, death
* Edward Tufte's sparklines target of Microsoft patent
* Bay Area transit cop's trial for murder moved to L.A.
* Vick's Nasal Spray product recall; contains bacteria
* Lost election? Demand balanced budget, OR revolution


  November 19, 2009

* New critiques of Heidegger & Arendt, who were lovers
* Regents announce 32% increase in UCLA tuition: video
* Arkansas cop is suspended after tasering 10 year old
* Semenya keeps gold medal; gender test results sealed
* Finland & Spain enact universal affordable broadband

* "Flores Man" of Indonesia declared new human species
* Vice President bows to Jon Stewart on The Daily Show
* Fox poll: overwhelming majority say bow "appropriate"
* Fox again uses older footage that inflates crowd size
* Palin confuses Iraq and Iran during Hannity interview


  November 18, 2009

* Congressional Budget Office scores Senate legislation
* Proposal to break up US banks that are too big to fail
* Evangelicals using Psalms 109:8 to troll for assassins
* CIA prison provided by Lithuania for help joining NATO
* Hyperrealist Ron Mueck's sculptures of the human body

* Cormac McCarthy interview; "The Road" adapted to film
* Once anonymous call girl blogger is Dr Brooke Magnanti
* US electricity from diluted weapons-grade uranium: %10
* Televisions using 10% of the electricity in California
* Bow by Obama "diplomatic win over hearts of Japanese"


  November 17, 2009

* Israel furthers plans for 900 homes in East Jerusalem
* Senator McCain is the reason we even know about Palin
* Free Clinics national tour saw 1000 patients Saturday
* Canadians buy Pontiac Silverdome stadium for $583,000
* Thomson Correctional Center in Illinois: photo essay

  November 16, 2009

* Senate GOP filibuster of health care bill to run 24/7
* Egypt registers 1st non-latin script domain-extension
* Judge in Buenos Aires grants request for gay marriage
* Equal Transit Time Theory doesn't explain wing "lift"
* Quebec solves H1N1 vaccination queues with fastpasses

* Remains of Maori ancestors repatriated to New Zealand
* NY governor having trouble getting over 9/11 attacks
* 1 in 7 US households didn't have enough food in 2008
* Studs Terkel's FBI file: applied for FBI job in 1934
* Harvard psychologist takes on writer Malcom Gladwell


  November 15, 2009

* India to move all captive elephants to wildlife parks
* China tells "black president" of freed Tibetan slaves
* 7000 UK children taken from parents, sent to Australia
* Washington Times "long subsidized" by church business
* First one with a wormhole to the middle of the galaxy


  November 14, 2009

* Lobbyists write directly into US Congressional Record
* Senate votes to allow civilian trial for 9/11 suspect
* Ground Zero Congressman Nadler: New York isn't afraid
* TSA rule change after suit on behalf of Ron Paul aide
* Congressman Perriello votes conscience not popularity

* Google is developing replacement for HTTP called SPDY
* Religious beauty queen made "biggest mistake" 8 times
* Physiological and cognitive explanations for illusion
* Counterpoint to the geometric lattices of cyberspace
* Comcast Cable seeks control of broadcast pioneer NBC


  November 13, 2009

* NASA detects significant ice in moon crater's shadow
* Reconnaissance orbiter 50km over Apollo landing site
* Nate Silver on Google's Flu Trend index after 1 year
* Search engine ransom note: auctioning robot.txt file
* Hidden films of 1945 Hiroshima, Nagasaki blast zones

* Hitler memo allowed "mercy death" [image/translation]
* RNC employee insurance plan covers elective abortion
* Affidavits say Birther suborned perjury; suit tossed
* Obama departs on 8 day trip to Japan, China, S Korea
* Colorado state Senator likens Obama to 9/11 hijacker

* Self-declared 9/11 mastermind to be tried in NY City
* Recruitment of veterans by executive branch enhanced
* White House dislodging Bush appointees who "dug in"
* Former Congressman Jefferson sentenced to 13 years
* JC Penney's 3rd quarter results beat expectations


  November 12, 2009

* Boing Boing guestblogger on Leo Strauss vs. Socrates
* Abbas has nothing to show for being a moderate voice
* Colbert mocks conservatives upset with Sesame Street
* Update on acrimony between real and fake Tea Parties
* Jon Stewart's response to apology from Sean Hannity

* Bank of North Dakota the only US "state owned" bank
* 1933 Glass-Steagall Act repealed 10 years ago today
* Church to end charity work if gay marriage is legal
* Researchers see vulnerabilities in wiretap protocol
* Grayson's de facto GOP challenger Armando Gutierrez

* This 1964 LBJ presidential campaign TV ad ran once


  November 11, 2009

* CEO Blankfein defends Goldman Sachs against breakup
* Daniel Suelo plans to write a post about technology
* Eleventh hour of the 11th day of the eleventh month
* Whistleblower: US pressured IEA to obscure Peak Oil
* AMA advocates change in classification of marijuana

* Updates on anarchist who twittered police movements
* Sun Myung Moon gives up control of Washington Times
* Dobbs surprise resignation from CNN on today's show
* Foliage changes from yellow to green during Hannity
* Robert Sapolsky lecture on The Uniqueness of Humans


  November 10, 2009

* No press conferences after Obama/Netanyahu meeting
* Massive US tax payer aid rewards Israeli expansion
* EFF saved Indymedia from unconstitutional subpoena
* Website ruled parody in Glenn Beck trademark claim
* Brother From Another Planet [1984] District 9, MIB


* Family Security Matters edits call for "backlash"
* MP3: Witch Hunt [Artist: Rush, "Moving Pictures"]

  November 9, 2009

* Abbas quits after Clinton praises "partial freeze"
* Netanyahu in US after partial freeze on land theft
* Palestinians topple part of Israeli West Bank Wall
* Germany celebrates 20 years since Berlin Wall fell
* Sen. Ensign moves out of secretive C Street church

* FBI press release on shooting at Fort Hood, Texas
* Evidence of Persian army lost in Sahara in 525BCE
* Big Picture series on Mars landscape utilizes KPT
* Navy told to listen for Martian broadcast in 1924
* Oregon Sheriffs deny gun permit to cannabis users

* Gerhart ran 223 yards in Stanford win over Oregon
* Logger Darvin Moon at Vegas World Series of Poker
* Wanda Sykes has a Saturday night talk show on Fox
* TV networks learn to love Digital Video Recorders
* Video: 1927 color film of London by Friese-Greene


  November 8, 2009

* Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein grants interview
* Google engineers speak at 2009 Linux Kernel Summit
* Science Minister addresses dismissal of David Nutt
* California stops cities from banning cat declawing
* Zenyatta first filly to win Breeder's Cup Classic


  November 7, 2009

* House passes health care bill along partisan lines
* Jewish Republican legislative whip decries imagery
* GOP on pace to double their record for filibusters
* Law firm helps corporations find anonymous critics
* Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor: COFEE

* Longest serving Congressman in history bangs gavel


  November 6, 2009

* Leaked copyright treaty would make ISP's responsible
* "Smart" home electricity meters raise privacy issues
* 75% of young people wouldn't qualify for US military
* Beck appendicectomy occasions spoof from Jon Stewart
* Mad Men dramatic series theme music derivation video

* David Byrne's Internet Antichrist is blowing my mind


  November 5, 2009

* Grassroots grandmothers group backs health care bill
* CBO: GOP bill lowers deficit billions less than Dems
* Arrests at Speaker Pelosi's district business office
* Arrests at Independent Joe Lieberman's Senate office
* "Spotted a rainbow in the direction of the Capitol"

* Placebo Effect: pain messages blocked at spinal cord
* 6.5 foot wall around MTV's free U2 concert in Berlin
* Clinton answers questions on Pakistani TV talk shows
* England's gross domestic product shrank last quarter
* Guy Fawkes commemoration includes burning crucifixes

* Deaths expected from lack of health care by district


  November 4, 2009

* Century of GOP representation ends in NY-23 district
* 95% of Hoffman campaign funded from outside district
* Breckenridge Colorado legalizes marijuana possession
* UK Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs imperiled
* Mathieu Young photography captures gritty California


  November 2, 2009

* FDIC chairwoman notes extreme market interventions
* First use of state secrets law after policy review
* Bush legal crony Chris Christie grabs Monty Python
* Film about Allen Ginsberg's obscenity trial [2010]
* Mad Men TV show's early 60's prop master interview

* San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge closed for 6 days
* University of Oregon racks up 613 yards verses USC
* Iranian Math Olympics champion criticizes Khamenei
* Veterans of Afghanistan war walk halls of Congress
* Three off-year election races with national import

* R. Crumb discusses The Book Of Genesis Illustrated
* NSFW items from scrubbed Roeder legal fund auction
* Video of loquacious butcher, quartered cow carcass
* Sami report eagles hunt reindeer calves in Finland
* Swedish court shutdown of Pirate Bay spawns clones

* Wikipedia burnished my first article: Daniel Suelo

  November 1, 2009

* James Bamford on the NSA's massive Utah datacenter
* Gross Domestic Product expands at 3.5% annual rate
* Goldman Sachs owns 100's of thousands of mortgages
* Frank Rich: GOP Stalinists invade upstate New York
* Purged Republican Scozzafava backs Democrat Owens


  October 31, 2009

* 2000 kids expected at White House "North Portico"
* White House releases visitor logs through July 31
* Moderate Republican still on upstate NY-23 ballot
* DVD Poetry In Motion [1982] 20 Beat poets perform
* ICANN approves non-latin script domain extensions


  October 30, 2009

* Oregon once again claims state law is copyrighted
* Fox poll: 18% of voters blame Obama for "economy"
* Federal Reserve's regional chiefs fight oversight
* Clinton confronts intense anti-American sentiment
* Pop surrealist Brandou influenced by 60's posters

  October 29, 2009

* CBO: health bill reduces deficit near & long term
* Difficult for Congressional minority to have plan
* Gates to Obama: need to shake up some sacred cows
* Pentagon won't comment on retired analyst program
* FAA slow to tell military of errant passenger jet

* White House garden's second harvest at food banks
* All but one President related to Magna Carta King
* UK drug czar: alcohol more dangerous than ecstasy
* Christian Broadcasting Network explains Halloween
* Zionist is Daily Show's first heckler in 11 years

* Commercial uses wax cylinder recording of Whitman

  October 28, 2009

* Rent-A-Ruminant provides goats to clear the brush
* Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart motivated by Bush
* Moody's and Standard & Poor's invoke Constitution
* eBay prevents auction in support of Tiller killer
* High scores at toxic substance & disease registry

* Chris Wallace's news echoes Glenn Beck's opinion
* Alberto Gonzales gets the "Joe Wilson" treatment
* Limbaugh often refers to Obama as man-child, boy
* Dick Cheney sent cupcakes to Mika at Morning Joe
* Hagel to serve on White House intelligence board

* US newspapers lost %10 of readership in 6 months

  October 27, 2009

* Pictures of the autumn colors in Beaverton, Oregon
* Cheating suspected at National Sudoku Championship
* Neanderthal genome reveals co-mingling with humans
* Chamber of Commerce sues The Yes Men; plays victim
* Grayson regrets calling lobbyist a "K Street whore"

  October 26, 2009

* Factory farmed animals exacerbate several problems
* Main Street unemployment rate doubled in 12 months
* Southeast Republican Club met at gun range Oct 6th
* Conservative special election candidate has issues
* RNC mailer remarkably similar to US census survey

* Somali pirates scare away factory fishing trawlers
* McDonald's closing all it's restaurants in Iceland
* Thanks to Michael at Olympic Automotive [Quilcene]
* Mad Men Season 2 Disc 1 - muted while I study CCNA
* Theoretical physicists ask how complexity happens

* BYU study: clean smells promote ethical behaviour
* Georgia church hosts Ultimate Christian Wrestling
* Limbaugh/Fox News rationalize "fake but accurate"
* AT&T funds various groups opposing net neutrality
* upgraded Electronic Comment Filing System


  October 25, 2009

* Literary annotation of the Olson timezone database
* Feingold, Rockefeller oppose public option trigger
* Emanuel to speak at US Chamber of Commerce Nov 4th
* Liberal Jewish group J Street conference this week
* Protests at American Bankers convention in Chicago

* Pakistani troops take Taliban chief's home village
* Call for civil disobedience from US military email
* Court ruled Fox has a First Amendment right to lie
* Average property value in South Florida is %50 off
* Homeless welcome visitors from Anchorage city hall

* Former leftwing guerrilla leads Uruguay vote count
* How to shoot an anvil 200 feet into the air: video
* NSFW Jesus asked lepers about health care coverage
* Internet2 IPv6 routing table via BGP Looking Glass
* White House website switched to open source Drupal

  October 24, 2009

* Clarence Thomas believes oral arguments are useless
* Los Angeles police ask citizens to watch each other


  October 23, 2009

* Washington Post editorial against Fed Reserve audit
* Cheney impatient with 8 year old war in Afghanistan
* Dallas cops gave citations for not speaking English
* First complete footage of "humpback whale heat run"
* "People regarded as sacred not this spring morning"

* Chamber of Commerce succeeds in shutting spoof site
* White House didn't exercise option to deny Fox News
* McCain offers Internet Freedom Act as debate starts
* Tendency of free marketeers to attack free software
* Students wouldn't shout "The South Will Rise Again"

  October 22, 2009

* Dems target health insurance anti-trust exemption
* Obama, House Speaker meet today at the White House
* Grayson responds to Alexander's enemies list: Video
* Senate votes to prosecute Gitmo prisoners stateside
* Video of Abbottsford, British Columbia police abuse

  October 21, 2009

* Emboldened banks see themselves too important to fail
* Obama criticizes insurance companies and banks in NYC
* Deficit rises to avert bankruptcy of finance industry
* Islamic bond market suffers default; usury prohibited
* Goldman Sachs board consulted Hank Paulson in Moscow

* Netanyahu campaign to amend international laws of war
* Biden praises Poland for accepting new missile system
* LHC at operational temps, end of the world in 5 weeks
* Sequoia voting system source code available for study
* McSweeney's one-off San Francisco Panorama broadsheet

* Feud between Tea Party Patriots and Tea Party Express
* American Nightmare: Sarah Palin Going Rouge Nov 17th
* Bush to address Get Motivated sales seminar in Texas
* Saskatoon Welcoming Committee gathers for Bush visit
* Waldseemuller map helped Copernicus see the universe

* Heather Graham in MoveOn TV ad backing public option
* Kate Blanchett cast as Edna, wife of Lord Mountbatten
* Polymath prefers intellectual polygamy to promiscuity
* First public white space network launched in Virginia
* Cheney informs terrorists US commander is "dithering"

  October 20, 2009

* Wall Street suckles Treasury tit monthly for billions
* Bailout led Wall Street bargain basement buying spree
* Pictures of Saturn at equinox include "stop animation"
* Theory of abiogenesis starts with proton-powered rock
* Sea Shepherd buys record-setting biodiesel powerboat


  October 19, 2009

* Banks pushing for "federal preemption" from state law
* Republicans insist Democrats reform Health Care alone
* Majority wants public option more than bipartisanship
* Small turnout for first H1N1 vaccination clinic in US
* Feds to stop prosecuting prescription marijuana users

* Defense Dept backs private arbitration for rape cases
* CIA firm In-Q-Tel investing in social media "crawler"
* Yes Men stage US Chamber of Commerce press conference
* Unsealed valedictory letters reveal ambassadors views
* NSFW Atelier Van Lieshout furniture exhibit in London

  October 18, 2009

* Government fueled surge on Wall Street; consolidation
* Derivatives bill blessed by Treasury aka Goldman Sachs
* Elizabeth Warren: "big banks always get what they want"
* "How Moody's sold it's ratings, and sold out investors"
* 30 Republican Senators opposed Franken's rape amendment

* DVD The Sheltering Sky [1990] flight to distant regions
* 16 year old Jessica Watson begins solo circumnavigation
* IBEX Interstellar Boundary Explorer mapping heliosphere
* Hillary Clinton & "third world dictators" want your gun
* Video: Alan Grayson shares more zingers with Bill Maher


  October 16, 2009

* Vice President's argument against sending more troops
* Conservative Democrat suggests Medicare public option
* Dr. Bill Frist: Obamacare "is not socialized medicine"
* Tim Phillips thought Rachel Maddow was a partisan hack
* Turkish/Israeli relations worsen after Armenian accord


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