December 15, 2009

* Second sensory apparatus discovered in human skin
* Octopus cleans, carries coconut shell; used later
* Pentagon: climate change national security threat
* Naomi Klein in Copenhagen: US role is destructive
* Asian students suspend South Philadelphia boycott

* San Francisco Network Engineer Terry Childs trial
* Mid 1960's Playboy Club videos; 1968 Bunny Manual
* Israeli minister cancels UK visit due to warrant
* Israeli settlement freeze would not be announced
* Previously interested only in self-preservation

* Videographer arrested for causing cops distress
* Ansel Adams didn't publish Los Angeles pictures
* 60,000 card carrying cannabis users in Colorado
* Rep. Bachmann hails Charge of the Light Brigade
* Sen. Franken: read the bill before standing up


  December 14, 2009

* Fox News: all Americans should be "very afraid"
* Estrogen replacement sold on fear of menopause
* Jenny Sanford as model for handling broken vow
* Lawsuits net 22 million old White House emails
* Culture "wants to make infinity comprehensible"

* Illegal Alien Christmas Song pretends to humor


  December 13, 2009

* Profits from environmental destruction blessed
* How Monsanto manipulates the world food supply
* Few new jobs while bailed-out banks don't lend
* Berlusconi's nose & two teeth broken in attack
* Hill people haven't been ruled for 2000 years


  December 12, 2009

* Americans for Prosperity heckled in Copenhagen
* Congressman's office is inconveniently located
* John Young spoke with Army Security Specialist
* Out-of-state concealed weapon permits of HR218
* "Battery" charges for taking picture of police

* Openly gay Annise Parker elected Houston mayor
* Peer-reviewed journal article to show an error
* ESA Mars Express Orbiter images Phobos, Deimos
* Credit and debt as "knowledge of good and evil"
* Denver Post pictures of Daniel Suelo near Moab


* Technology can be in balance when money ceases

  December 11, 2009

* Taibbi tells Colbert about serial ponzi scheme
* National Association of Free Clinics: Missouri
* Maddow shows Rick Warren bearing false witness
* Toughest Sheriff files complaint against judge
* Friend of Cory Doctorow arrested at US border

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Matt Taibbi
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  December 10, 2009

* Tea Party would require Christianity at school
* Volcker: banks don't contribute to the economy
* Seven human behaviours exploited by con artist
* Republican not impeached after lying about sex
* GOP: justice system too weak to try detainees

* Feingold: on replacement of the public option
* How Obama dealt with Bush in his Nobel speech
* Rick Warren's letter to the Pastors of Uganda
* Creationist Hovind's doctoral thesis released
* Amendment prohibits establishment of religion

* Palin plays victim on question of Gore debate
* More "poor me" than self-deprecating underdog
* Tesla: "We have a message from another world"
* "Genes evolving faster because of technology"
* eBay unfairly used seat on Craigslist board

* Blogger enjoys 730Kb/sec from Antarctic tent


  December 9, 2009

* Henry Miller lived in Hollywood after US tour
* Vervet Monkey "syntax" combines several calls
* Mormon Senator wrote song lyrics for Hanukkah
* Portland building code allows for granny flats
* Today's weather report shows 10F low yesterday

* DVD Burden of Dreams; Herzog and Fitzcarraldo
* Video: Grayson is brief in response to Cheney
* Keillor reads from Charge of the Light Brigade
* Obama declines Nobel lunch with King of Norway
* Pics of lysfenomenet over Norway; missile test


  December 8, 2009

* Atheist to be sworn in, despite constitution
* Xenophobic Brooklyn Hasids prefer no cyclists
* Fossil-fuel lobbyists in Copenhagen incognito
* EPA moves to regulate CO2 under Clean Air Act
* NSFW: health care reform likened to abolition


  December 7, 2009

* Thomson likely site of indefinite detentions
* Ratings "journalists" staffed by Wall Street
* Tea Party tops GOP in generic three-way poll
* West Bank Rabbi's "Guide to killing non-Jews"
* Primer on Lady Gaga; in hairbow, sans shades

  Strength is not brute force. Strength is not
  turning down help when you need it. Strength
  is not acquiring as much wealth as possible.
  Strength is not ignoring suffering in others
  while blaming them for it. Strength is not
  telling people to be afraid. Strength is not
  my way or the highway. Strength is not going
  it alone. Strength is not inspiring animosity.
  Strength is not holding this world dear while
  speaking of another. Strength is not rushing
  into battle without first knowing an opponent.
  Strength is not proud, ignorant, or defensive.

  December 6, 2009

* Switzerland has 4 minarets & 300,000 muslims
* Mayor: "muslim president" pre-empted Peanuts
* Palin left Hawaii because she was a minority
* Immunity for DoJ lawyers who counsel torture
* UK scuttles drug report to manage perception

* Basij and police surround Tehran University
* Evo Morales re-elected in Bolivia. GDP spike
* MP3 Release, Pearl Jam [1991]; after silence
* Emails between John Young and Yahoo! lawyers
* No one may get up when Pilot is in the john

  December 5, 2009

* Los Angeles Episcopalians elect woman bishop
* Michael Brown to teach class on "Patriot Act"
* Commanders asked Rumsfeld for men in 2001, 04
* Elderly Nepalese cabinet at Everest base camp
* Volunteers to watch live CCTV footage online

* Jeff Buckley's 1996 handwritten note to fans
* Right wing email about Arabs in "full attire"
* Stolen emails reveal no scientific conspiracy
* Karl Rove interrupted repeatedly in Milwaukee
* VW 4-seat 2-cylinder diesel, electric hybrid

* Book emanations indicate need of preservation
* Swiss represent US in Tehran absent relations
* Teens arrested in Japan for attempted murder
* Genome Wide Association Studies "fall short"
* MP3 All Her Favorite Fruit from the colonies


  December 4, 2009

* Republican chairman strongly opposes Bernanke
* US boundary saves corporations from liability
* Ayn Rand's 1998 interview with Wired magazine
* Video tour of the International Space Station
* Galileo's sketches and engravings of the Moon

* 3 Secret Service agents on leave after breach
* Ruins of Pompeii on Google street view [fixed]
* Elderly Portuguese writer criticizes the Bible
* Ex-Fox News host: partial-news, mostly-opinion
* Defense of fundamental rights on the Internet

* DVD Cobra Verde; Werner Herzog, Bruce Chatwin
* Study finds Stradivarius varnish was ordinary
* This is a chihuahua standing on 8 cheesburgers
* Aetna price hike expected to force out 600,000
* Goldman Sachs executives apply for gun permits

* Matt Taibbi: Wall Street is in the White House


  December 3, 2009

* "Trigger" puts off public option indefinitely
* Republicans: "Climate-gate" undermines theory
* Republicans embarrassed by Senator Al Franken
* Americans for Legal Immigration dislike Dobbs
* Shatner "how do you know"? Rush "it's my job"

* LHC loses power yet again; magnets still cold
* DOJ #2 resigns; returns to courtroom for RIAA
* Dubai was Vegas-style promised-land: pictures
* Data retention protocol & interface standards
* Google launches Domain Name Service []


  December 2, 2009

* Land of the Afraid: wars until the end of time
* Democrats willing to convene Senate on Xmas Day
* Republican memo documents parliamentary tactics
* Republican unsure of Bernanke's re-confirmation
* Senator Al Franken's position on Net Neutrality

* Blackwater's Erik Prince Vanity Fair interview
* Somali Pirate stock exchange hosts 72 companies
* Salvation Army requires proof of US citizenship
* Serco runs Aussie immigration detention centers
* Sandtrapped Mars Rover's churning wheels reveal

* When he'd made himself thin as a gas, he sighed


  December 1, 2009

* Voters should have no trouble banning divorce
* EU draft document on the division of Jerusalem
* Obama campaigned on Afghanistan War escalation
* Little Green Footballs blogger Charles Johnson
* Pictures of Robert Crumb drawing self-portrait

* Edward Burtynsky photography exhibition "Oil"
* British Nat'l Party not accepting new members
* Birth of a new species among Darwin's Finches
* Ray Comfort's Charles Darwin Bible plagiarism
* "Friendly Atheist" interviews "The Banana Man"

* Pitchfork names Kid A best album of the 2000s


  November 30, 2009

* Bush let bin-Laden "get away" to justify War
* Dick Armey: GOP purity test not a purity test
* Two-timing Senator invokes conservative cause
* Vatican covered up Priest-run paedophile ring
* Cop fired: didn't use camera while tasing kid

* European culture before invention of writing
* Bored person counted times Obama used a word
* Judge would delay gay wedding in Buenos Aires
* Patent for massively parallel memory licensed
* Inferences about God's beliefs are egocentric


  November 29, 2009

* Urbanite dreams about farmers and their food
* Climate conspiracy by fossil fuel industries
* Iranian regime seizes activist's Nobel medal
* Brazil won't honor today's Honduran election
* 10 year anniversary of Seattle WTO conference

* Free Marketeer defends his Religious Majority
* Swiss voters OK measure to ban Islamic minaret
* Marxist "Pepe" Mujica new president of Uruguay
* After 375,000 years, there are 300,000 pollens
* I like the cover of this 1917 Dada publication

* NY photographer offgrid in SW Texas since 2007


  November 28, 2009

* Fossilized bacteria beneath meteorite surface
* Plasma device prototype kills MRSA in seconds
* US sites considered for indefinite detentions
* Dr John The Night Tripper voodoo groove [1968]
* Van Gogh letter to Emile Bernard from Langlois


  November 27, 2009

* Anecdotes from Obama campaign manager's book
* Palin using charity's jet to avoid bus rides
* Condoleezza Rice offers strategic consulting
* US undermined UK effort to win UN resolution
* US, China, Russia support resolution on Iran

* Dubai stops payment on national debt of $80B
* Gold nears $1200/oz. Fed won't rescue dollar
* Industry Trade Advisory Committee vociferous
* NSFW: competitive latin invective of Catullus
* Deep Web bigger than the commonly defined WWW

* "Dust Echoes" short animated dreamtime videos

  November 26, 2009

* Obama suggests return to Israel's 1967 border
* Dobbs backs "amnesty" after journalism career
* Jim Bopp defends Republican Party litmus test
* Palin twice recommended Alaska Trooper Wooten
* Canadian comedienne Mary Walsh beguiles Palin

* We didn't have a terrorist attack during Bush
* Carbon neutral urban locavore neophyte hunter
* DVD The Movement of People Working [outdoors]
* DVD The Grass Harp [1995] one of my favorites
* William S Burroughs Thanksgiving Prayer Video

* Undeveloped McMansion cul-de-sacs.. geoglyphs


  November 25, 2009

* Dollar hegemony held through military spending
* Results of UK Iraq War inquiry are non-binding
* Big box retailer wishes Muslims happy holidays
* New Zealand warns of icebergs in shipping lane
* Multiple Sclerosis may involve buildup of iron

* Criminal justice system part of "big goverment"
* Brits regularly arrested in order to obtain DNA
* Education "is the subsumption of the individual"
* John "Tough Guy" Bolton is hiding under his bed
* Dick "5 Deferments" Cheney understands soldiers


  November 24, 2009

* Insurance anti-trust exemption still vulnerable
* Lawsuits filed against US drywall manufacturers
* Man in Japan wed anime game character on Sunday
* NY-23 conservative concedes race for a 2nd time
* Taibbi: Yes, Sarah. There is a media conspiracy


  November 23, 2009

* 23 year "coma" while doctors failed to check EEG
* Microsoft offers to pay News Corp to block Google
* Bing censors searches made in Chinese - worldwide
* Fox News memo: zero tolerance for errors onscreen
* RNC litmus test to keep moderates off the ballot

* Shackleton expedition's abandoned scotch whiskey
* Ex-Editor: Church pays most of Wash Times budget
* Religious right teams with amoral authoritarians
* Hindu Party grew after conspiring to raze Mosque
* Manhattan clinic has two doors, different prices

* DC to pay $13,000,000 to arrestees at IMF meeting
* TV ad by AARP and AMA answers Republican rhetoric
* Q&A with Palin fans at Ohio book tour stop: video
* BART cop smashes window with drunk suspect's head
* Dog born with two legs walks upright. [via dewar]


  November 22, 2009

* US Senate votes to allow debate about health care
* French court upholds convictions against Monsanto
* British traffic cameras used to harass protestors
* Israeli human rights group B'Tselem marks 20 years
* April Winchell book deal for parody blog "Regretsy"

* 1965 film of Leonard Cohen [pre-singer-songwriter]
* Leaflet: JFK treasonous; appointed anti-Christians
* Unsent NAACP note to Jesse Owens re: 1936 Olympics
* Saturday Night Live imagine Palin/Beck 2012 horror
* Explorers find 17,650 species living without light


  November 21, 2009

* Picture gallery of the President pressing the flesh
* 21 of world's 50+ Tamiflu-resistant cases in the US
* UCSC students block Kerr Hall; UC Davis 50 arrested
* NSFW self-portrait of mastectomy and reconstruction
* Low energy collisions planned at LHC next week [TV]

* Unauthorized collection: 22 stories by J.D. Salinger
* US patent issued for "episodic media" aka Podcasting
* Speier amendment limits leverage ratio for big banks
* Goldman Vampire Squid vs JPM Derivatives Sperm Whale
* US Global Entry System, and Privium iris recognition

* Images from Carl Jung's recently published Red Book
* Graphic novel of Bertrand Russell's quest for truth
* 40th years since Mai Lai pictures published in Ohio
* Copters land in dust storms to Kopp-Etchells Effect
* S. Carolina Republicans file impeachment resolution

* Wrestler Mick Foley defends boy who won't say pledge


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