April 30, 2010

* Florida Senator: offshore drilling plan DOA
* Drill Baby cheerleaders silent on oil spill
* Halliburton worked on deepwater drilling rig
* FBI suspected bribery at Mine Safety office
* GOP candidate would microchip US deportees

* "Arizona has been under terrorist attacks.."
* FAIR supported 2004 Arizona Proposition 200
* Man tasered while filming "jaywalker" chase
* Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to be president
* 25 minutes restored to 1927 film Metropolis

* Jon Stewart reports demise of Gordon Brown
* Offshore Radio Noordzee and Radio Veronica
* I'll be at Portland's Rose Garden tomorrow
* NYC an endangered languages hotspot: video
* Guy Tal photography Spring in the Badlands

  Guy Tal

  April 29, 2010

* Goldman Sachs case sent to Dept of Justice
* Markets are free, socialism is responsible
* Governor of Florida skips Republican party
* German city's drinking room for alcoholics
* How to challenge wrongful YouTube takedown

* Looming bailout of Spain overshadows Greece
* WDM: Wavelength Division Multiplexing [via]
* Subterranean ants message ants above ground
* Louisiana churches allow armed worshippers
* Lab would end energy crisis with tiny star

  April 28, 2010

* Scheduled midnight session ends filibuster
* Busting workers won't stop border violence
* Jerusalem mayor denies construction freeze
* Brooklyn NY has several conservative areas
* USC bomb threat came from psychiatric ward

* Lots of ice detected on asteroid 24 Themis
* Water gets about 9% bigger when it freezes
* Chevron requests documentary film footage
* Oil spill nears Louisiana wildlife refuge
* Responses to Hawking's cautionary analogy

* Conservative judges overrule legislatures
* Correlation of first coinage and religion
* Lesbian top student removed from yearbook
* Documentary of Vipassana in Indian prison
* Errol Morris: "best commercial ever made"


  April 27, 2010

* Goldman Sachs on Capitol Hill [Live/Video]
* Republican Nat'l Committee's census mailer
* Same-sex attracted Christian men's retreat
* Rumor of Coney Island's demise each Spring
* Oyster Hotel Reviews nominated for "Webby"


  April 26, 2010

* Arizona immigrants would need carry papers
* Teen adventurer Abby Sutherland ends quest
* Lou Reed among people photographed sitting
* Video: Crayola thanks Tea Party for sales
* Imagining reaction if Tea Party was black

* Reid schedules Senate quorum after dinner
* Nelson has another exception for Nebraska
* Confederate Memorial Day marks 1865 peace
* Rechargeable Lelo has 5 stimulation modes
* Shoaf's William S. Burroughs bibliography

* Omar Khorshid plays Guitar of Love [1973]


  April 25, 2010

* Northwest tree fungus lethal to healthy people
* SEC doubled its case load under new leadership
* In praise of four-star general Peter Chiarelli
* TV host faces beheading in Riyadh for "sorcery"
* Arizona power company would control home A/C's

* Bohemian enclave Cabo Polonio in Uruguay [via]
* Republican governors pay homage to Guy Fawkes
* Hawking likens aliens to Christopher Columbus
* Video: Wall Street billionaires own Democrats
* South Park episode #201 edited after warning


  April 24, 2010

* I'm on Vancouver Island visiting my Uncle Jack

  April 22, 2010

* Words of wisdom from Tax Day Tea Party protest


  April 21, 2010

* Financial reform bill would cut budget deficit
* Astroturf group can't make bailout label stick
* Republican Senate caucus ends reform filibuster
* Offer to sell Brooklyn Bridge to Goldman Sachs
* Rules of engagement permit civilian casualties


  April 20, 2010

* Republican SEC commissioners back Goldman Sachs
* Pfizer overdoses a dozen kids in clinical trial
* Google map of government requests for user data
* Photographer visiting oldest organisms on Earth
* Passenger jets land at Heathrow after 6 day ban

* Government searches news room without subpoena
* Alan Grayson to debate Bush impersonator in LA
* Gordon Liddy discusses Birther's court martial
* Ban on sale of dogfight videos lasted 10 years
* Study finds fast-food logos make you impatient

* Boxer amendment prohibits bailouts by taxpayers
* Opposition the same no matter who Obama chooses
* SeaMeWe-4 cable connects Europe and Middle East
* Pacific sonar arrays record unidentified sounds
* Mad Men series scheduled to end after season 6

* Kenyan embassy in Washington hosting Tea Party


  April 19, 2010

* Withdrawal of 45,000 troops from Iraq still on..
* Email: Goss agreed on destruction of CIA tapes
* State judge overturns adoption ban in Arkansas
* Burroughs wrote about using Orgone accumulator
* John Cleese' Oslo to Brussels taxi fare $5,000


  April 18, 2010

* Bill Clinton on repeal of 1932 Glass-Steagall Act
* Nick Clegg & Cory Doctorow on Digital Economy Act
* Industry wants copyright spyware on all computers
* Google "Chrome OS" applications all in the cloud
* Lib-Dem surge makes British election 3-way race

* Control of Western Wall by Israel not recognized
* LAPD protects neo-Nazis while they jumpstart car
* NOLA police plead guilty to Danziger "massacre"
* New EPA ruling on coal ash expected by December
* Cigarette/cancer link exposed as "sham" in 1954

* US ends bid for warrantless access to Yahoo mail
* Recently planned auction of Henry Miller's notes
* Pictures of Eyjafjallajokull eruption from above
* Congratulations on Two Day Town 10th anniversary
* I registered stryder.com 10 years ago last month


  April 17, 2010

* Nick Clegg wins televised British election debate
* Long dormant SEC files complaint vs Goldman Sachs
* Blackwater used sheriff's stationary to buy guns
* Annual Million Fag March near Westboro Baptists
* Obama orders hospital visiting rights for gays

* Willie Nelson smokes before Larry King interview
* Goldman Sachs fraud suit bolsters case for rules
* Corporate spy-guide collection at cryptome.org
* University of Maryland's police brutality case
* Pope Benedict XVI gets cake for 83rd birthday

* Finkelstein exposed Palestinian immigration hoax
* Insurance companies reclassify expenses as care
* I finished Season 3 of Mad Men cable TV series
* Sale of Pirate Bay fell through during appeal
* Library of Congress acquires Twitter archive


  April 15, 2010

* They Live! Nazi aliens control Fox News graphics


  April 14, 2010

* Sue Lowden: control health care costs with barter
* Increase in post-operative bloodstream infections
* Jury finds Boy Scouts and Mormon Church negligent
* Colbert interview with Wikileaks's Julian Assange
* Barack Obama to attend Polish president's funeral

* Army uses "enhanced interrogation" on US soldier
* Speed of gravity within 1% of the speed of light
* Smell and taste evolved to evoke strong emotions
* Soyburgers commonly made using neurotoxin hexane
* Tactile Body: pornography magazine for the blind


  April 13, 2010

* Handling money reduces physical, social distress
* Language student fluent after emerging from coma
* American "Family" Association: expel all Muslims
* Location of 2007 Reuters staff deaths in Baghdad
* Articulating a sane relationship with technology

* Steam train carrying Soyuz rockets to launchpad
* Linux based WePad tablet debut expected in June
* Gawker.com experiment makes commenters audition
* US Govt: piracy claims are based on assumptions
* Atheists ask lawyers to make case against Pope

* Argentine escapees elude police in sheep skins
* Ice core sample may date from last glacial era
* Nevada ballot option "none of these candidates"
* Alan Grayson raises $800,000 in first quarter
* Gordon Brown announces general election May 6


  April 12, 2010

* Tea Party concerned about being seen as violent
* Counter-insurgency strategy based on protection
* Kyrgyzstan interim government would keep US base
* Polish victims were commemorating Katyn massacre
* Hans Richter film Ghosts Before Breakfast [1927]

* US military predicts dip in world oil production
* Correlation of corporal punishment and bullying
* Amnesiacs retain emotions from forgotten events
* Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone discusses pedophilia
* Govt funded charities exempt from bigotry laws

  April 11, 2010

* Ron Paul: "we can do better with peace" [video]
* Student Non-Discrimination Act ready for a vote
* Haley Barbour on slavery: "goes without saying"
* Tina Fey unveils Sarah Palin TV Network on SNL
* Nobel Prize in Economics for study of commons

* Recent pictures of Thai police and protesters
* Johns Hopkins medical school using psilocybin
* Snafus in Internet's Border Gateway Protocol
* Godspeed You! Black Emperor tour next winter
* Video of jumping manta rays in Sea of Cortez

* 14 year old interviewed John Lennon [audio]


  April 10, 2010

* Coffee Party lacks hostility seen in Tea Party
* Priests protected for "the good" of the church
* Video: teenagers sing for visiting hate group
* Digby has tickets for Flight of the Conchords
* Justice John Paul Stevens resignation letter

* Statute of Anne copyright: 300th anniversary
* Henri Cartier-Bresson photographs at NY MOMA
* Dam removal project on the Olympic Peninsula
* Red states and federal benefits: correlation
* Bridge of Sighs in New York City, circa 1905

  April 9, 2010

* Grayson got email on local Republican spying
* Can't understand Civil War without abolition
* Bushito knew innocent men were held at Gitmo
* Egypt & Turkey want Israel's nukes inspected
* Cat learned to stand to watch birds outside


  April 8, 2010

* Reuters images of Kyrgyz police and protesters
* Reuters response to video they sought is muted
* Julian Assange of Wikileaks recently profiled
* Female native American chief Wilma Mankiller
* Nevada GOP losing patience with Sen. Ensign

* Unregulated financial system prone to bubbles
* Tiny temporary "Buckeye Incubator" wood stove
* Southpark character battles Facebook profile
* Empathy and disgust at the root of morality
* Darwin diagnosed shyness as self-attention


  April 7, 2010

* CNN story omits worst part of leaked video
* Governor adds slavery to war commemoration
* President Obama adds citizen to death list
* Gain in payroll; Decline in credit card use
* Goldman Sachs hypocritical "risk management"

  April 6, 2010

* Israel gags news of soldier turned journalist

  April 5, 2010

* Aurora seen from orbit during magnetic storm
* Brain generates predictions of likely inputs
* Erick Erickson won't intimidate census taker
* McCain disowns "maverick" title; 2008 slogan
* Obamunism: 200 anti-Obama images and slogans

* Wikileaks: US helicopter video shows murders

  April 4, 2010

* Talx Corp hired to stop unemployment claims
* Cities end mutual aid agreements with Flint
* Unix copyright jury verdict Novell over SCO
* Bacteria evolved to disperse via rainclouds
* Music video: Donald Sutherland as Dr. Reich


  April 3, 2010

* High-risk health insurance pools in 90 days
* Pfizer too big to punish under legal system
* Documentary of town's first integrated prom
* Written communication before African exodus
* Guests "speak to" former half-term governor

* Video: Hiroshima survivors met bomber pilot


  April 2, 2010

* Federal Reserve guarantees Wall Street gains
* Boy Scouts leader says parents allowed abuse
* Eugene would ban motors along 17 city blocks
* Site tracks 500 of Obama's campaign promises
* Video: CNN asks Erick Erickson about vitriol

* My Netflix rental history from February 2008
* Suggestions for dealing with "type-A" people
* Bishop calls crucifixions "tourist activity"
* Maddow blogger on net gain in US employment
* Response to Doctorow piece against the iPad

* Willow Palin's clique at Colony High School
* Senator Boxer on ballot with pot initiative
* Senator Ensign got job for lover's husband
* Corporation poses as legitimate government
* Spelling is reversed in Jane Austen letter


  April 1, 2010

* Pict engravings represent spoken language
* C Street Church deed signed by The Family
* Suicide bombing under military occupation
* Rules make mountaintop mining impractical
* RNC strip club visit cost $2000 per table

* Don Cheadle to portray Miles Davis [2011]

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