June 30, 2010

* First picture of planet outside solar system
* Senate candidate Sharron Angle spoke broadly
* US national debt vis a vis expiring tax cuts
* Pollster threatens DailyKos, FiveThirtyEight
* BP has AU 60 Minutes report canceled [video]

* Agnostic Ron Rosenbaum: atheism is "a theism"
* "Question of conversion" at Vipassana course
* Traumatic encephalopathy & erratic behaviour
* ASCAP misrepresent advocates of Free Culture
* Thriving food-cart scene in Portland, Oregon



  June 28, 2010

* Silly Putty antifoaming agent in New McNuggets
* Oklahoma cops taser bedridden 86 year old lady
* Leaked excuse for suppression of UK drug study
* Speaker Pelosi interview with Huffington Post
* Now legal for Icelandic PM to wed her partner


  June 26, 2010

* Chosen reporters disparage Palin speech at CSU
* CSU student newspaper "The Signal" not invited


  June 25, 2010

* The sun still never sets on the British Empire
* ID law exemption used to arrest G20 protesters
* German minister denied entry to the Gaza Strip
* DVD The Red Violin [1999] played during coitus
* Everything we make becomes information storage

* FBI attempts to take Colorado Indymedia server
* Tea Party's Dave Weigel leaves Washington Post
* 1/2 term governor's legal defense fund illegal
* Chicago philosopher asks Huckabee to apologize
* Beck to invoke MLK at Lincoln Memorial Aug 28

  June 23, 2010

* Feds making exceptions to drilling moratorium
* Canada avoided banking crisis via regulations
* Google Voice available to all residents of US
* Drug prohibition funds Mexican gangs, Taliban
* Ginsberg put long captions on his photographs

* Icelandic parliament approved new media haven
* Software patents will often stifle innovation
* Sick System to make people dependent: outline
* Ralphs new concept in supermarkets circa 1965
* Who will die when the grid fails? Video [via]

  June 22, 2010

* Spelunkers risk condition they call rapture
* W. Virginia corporation to appear on ballot
* BP photos include people enjoying the beach
* Beach bird rescue requires contract with BP
* Joe Barton scheduled for Florida fundraiser

* General Stanley McChrystal dislikes his job
* Abramoff working at Baltimore's "Tov Pizza"
* Goldman Sachs discuss placing CEO on "Oprah"
* Closed meetings on federal "Net Neutrality"
* Laws discourage hiring an illegal immigrant

* Market insufficient to secure human welfare
* Nazi persecution story used for Mossad Visa
* First publication of 1933 Heidegger seminar
* Kinsey spoke with gay men for proposed book
* Non-Christians volunteer for pet care [via]


  June 21, 2010

* Mermaids on parade: survivors of BP oil spill
* Decline in heroin use since decriminalization
* Seminal 1990's "FEED" webzine archives online
* Content filter providers blocking Google SSL
* Extent of sea ice off Antarctica increasing

* Supreme Court overturns Monsanto GM seed ban
* Most House Republicans agree with Joe Barton
* Ailes most powerful voice in Republican party
* McCain GOP challenger is infomercial pitchman
* Sen. Simpson & Alex Lawson on Social Security


  June 20, 2010

* Afghan lithium deposit offered to finance war
* Rahm Emanuel comments on Joe Barton's apology
* Father's Day prayer: please clean up our mess
* Rules and formulas are shackles of immaturity
* No one's succeeded in recalling a US Senator

* Tony Hayward owns a racing yacht named "Bob"

  June 17, 2010

* Eight Presidents proposed alternatives to oil
* "Costs" of petroleum not seen at gas stations
* Zealots storm stage at World Zionist Congress
* Anton Newcombe and Matt Hollywood in Portland
* Turritopsis nutricula jellyfish doesn't die


  June 16, 2010

* Nevada candidate sequestered with Rand Paul
* GOP leader votes against expanded Fed audit
* Pictures of abandoned 9-story atrium in NYC
* Patent issued for "Social Networking System"
* CD on one side and vinyl record on the other

  June 15, 2010

* Shareholders would vote on campaign spending
* Graham backs probe of South Carolina primary
* Conservative Senator can openly hire consort
* Guide to polyamory for monogamous therapists
* Seven features of books by Malcolm Gladwell

* Fossil fuel dependence brings war, pollution
* US raises estimate of oil flow into the Gulf
* Satan seen in Gulf of Mexico satellite image
* Lightning destroys Ohio King of Kings statue
* Once mighty Jordan River is nearly dry [via]

* Petraeus slumps during Congressional hearing
* Netanyahu recommends Gaza restaurant "Roots"
* Rising support for Flemish separatist party
* Abby Sunderland interviewed near Antarctica
* Aldous Huxley asked for LSD on his deathbed

  June 14, 2010

* Zamboni's CCSVI theory of Multiple Sclerosis
* 2010 Democratic party fundraising rivals GOP
* States reduce rates of solitary confinement
* Sale of nuke delivery system to Iran frozen
* Took my Uncle for a spin on Jackladder Lane


  June 11, 2010

* Boehner backs bailout for oil spill cleanup
* Fox News: Obama received $750,000,000 from BP
* "The only person to blame is President Obama"
* Colbert interviews Israel's ambassador to US
* Karzai giving up on NATO counter-insurgency

* Republican mayor of Reno backs Senator Reid
* Report: Pentagon looking for Julian Assange
* How architecture helps music evolve [video]
* 16 year old adventurer Abby Sunderland safe
* Personal: Mugs given 20 days notice to move

  June 9, 2010

* Oil rig manager yelled into satellite phone
* Oil industry magazine's Gulf of Mexico grid
* Swallows fly by Mission San Juan Capistrano
* Mormon Church fined $5K for Prop 8 support
* Fiorina forgets open mic clipped to blouse

* Let them eat cake: snacks permitted in Gaza
* 1862 English football match in south Africa
* Celebrity t-shirts worn by Napalese porters
* Garments featured at Blackwater's Pro Shop
* "Wherever you don't want to go is where.."

* Guillaume Nery underwater base jump [info]


  June 7, 2010

* Army analyst claims to be Wikileaks source
* Guidelines on human testing after Holocaust
* DNI nominee thinks "Saddam hid WMD in Syria"
* India declared Union Carbide CEO "absconder"

* White House reporter Helen Thomas retires
* 24 year study on the children of lesbians
* Native American "property rights" victory
* Gaza activist siezed gun from Israeli man

  June 6, 2010

* Rachel Corrie boarded & diverted to Ashdod
* Biden in Egypt preparing for Obama's visit
* Calvin and Hobbes: Caveat Emptor capitalism
* NOAA: Oil plumes at 250 & 600 feet in depth
* Governor denies "Three Mile Island" analogy

* Reporter talks about film For Neda [video]
* Indian-Americans commonly win spelling bee
* Slashdot surveys visual network simulators
* Yann Arthur-Bertrand film is online [2009]
* Few images from probes on Venusian surface

* DVD Lenny Bruce Without Tears [1972] biopic
* George Carlin was arrested with Lenny Bruce
* Icelandic anarcho-surrealist Best Party win
* NSFW "word virus" evolves toward symbiosis
* A militarized island of prosperity [video]


  June 5, 2010

* Environmentalists responsible for BP spill
* Connecticut candidate endorses steroid use
* Radio host fired for racist mural campaign
* Beck hails Elizabeth Dilling's Red Network
* Mark Zuckerberg perspires during interview

* Rachel Corrie seeks independent inspection
* Turkish PM Erdogan considers visit to Gaza
* FBI: Headley directed Mumbai attack [video]
* Nizari asymmetric warfare spared civilians
* DVD Toulouse-Lautrec and Montmartre [2004]

* Letter from Jack Kerouac to Marlon Brando
* AP and Yahoo manipulating reader comments
* Clinically shown to improve attentiveness
* Elon Musk's 1st SpaceX launch makes orbit
* Elton John at Limbaugh wedding reception


  June 4, 2010

* South Carolina candidate from Sikh family
* Rep. Mark Kirk apologizes for "casualness"
* Radar prototype for the visually impaired
* Cellphone users "check in" from Tiananmen
* Cuban folk legend Silvio Rodriguez in NYC

* Rachel Corrie rejects Israeli port of call
* 5 Mavi Marmara passengers shot in the back
* Israeli writer's "We Are The World" parody
* Fox is last news network to show IDF video
* Greek books written about Hebrew prophecy


  June 3, 2010

* Like Exxon before them, BP making promises
* Models show oil crossing Atlantic this year
* Pictures of birds caught in oil slick today
* Arizona Governor visiting Oval Office today
* Rand Paul campaign uses song without asking

* Souter speaks against Scalia "originalism"
* US citizen Furkan Dogan killed in IDF raid
* Early 1900's color photos around the world
* Paris Je T'aime [2006] eighteen short films
* Christopher "moot" Poole TED address [video]


  June 2, 2010

* Knesset member was on board MV Mavi Marmara
* Cameron: Israeli raid "totally unacceptable"
* UN statement on Israeli Gaza aid ships raid
* Shah welcomed back Anglo-Iranian Oil aka BP
* Commercial television story on "unschooling"


  June 1, 2010

* Nevada US Senate candidate files bankruptcy
* Rep. Kirk often lies about military service
* Louisana Senator "doubles down" on drilling
* 30% of the Gulf of Mexico closed to fishing
* 1979 shallow oil leak took 10 months to cap

* Dangers to US economy & environment allowed
* Midgely developed both leaded gas and CFC's
* Egypt/Gaza border open after 3 year closure
* Irish MV Rachel Corrie sails for Gaza Strip
* British school library scanning thumbprints

* Doug Kim's "Chasing Light" photography blog
* Summer launch satellite to watch satellites
* Firefox extension makes webpage arcade game
* Psychology professor's self-experimentation
* The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus [2009]


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