October 31, 2010

* CTV estimate of 250,000 at Rally to Restore Sanity
* Google advertisements on 85% of all internet sites
* $1,000 fine for having Silly String in Los Angeles
* Andrew Breitbart not part of ABC election coverage
* Rand Paul county coordinator charged with assault


  October 30, 2010

* Estimated 2 billion habitable planets in the galaxy
* Text of comments at end of Rally to Restore Sanity
* Whitman says former housekeeper should be deported
* Angle will answer questions after becoming Senator
* Tancredo says Obama a greater threat than al Qaeda

* Ozzy Osbourne's genome reveals Neanderthal lineage
* China briefly stops shipments of rare earth metals
* Ohio McDonald's tells employees to vote Republican
* TSA pat-down option won't detect weapon up the ass
* ABC taps Andrew Breitbart for election commentary


  October 28, 2010

* NPR maps "grass roots" after attack by Republicans
* 5 changes Tea Party would make to the Constitution
* Arizona immigration law written by prison industry
* Joe Miller on-the-job political chicanery detailed
* "Glitch" paintings like JPEGs with encoding issues


  October 27, 2010

* NY Times Pentagon-subserviant coverage of Wikileaks
* Investors would force banks to repurchase mortgages
* Rand Paul volunteer pins-down & stomps on activist
* British Airways boss: stop kowtowing to US demands
* Square and other non-circular wooden gears [video]


  October 24, 2010

* Correlation of change in orbit with climate change
* "Umbrella terms" for collections of rare disorders
* Domain homepage after siezure by the US government
* Baseball's San Francisco Giants win NL penant race
* Longshoremen close Bay Area ports for Oscar Grant


  October 21, 2010

* Bush Medicare plan cost more than bailouts & HCR
* David Koch is chief sponsor of Tea Party rallies
* US voter George Soros gives $1M to Media Matters
* Ayn Rand devotee is a "Bible-believing Christian"
* Images of Dead Sea Scrolls to be available online

* File sharers would put torrent tracker into orbit
* MuckRock tool to facilitate & track FOIA requests
* VFW disbands PAC after extreme negative publicity
* Alex Haley interviewed Nazi Party founder in 1966
* Zach Galifianakis Vanity Fair swimsuit photoshoot


  October 20, 2010

* US government earned 8% return on the TARP bailout
* Job loss increase under Bush, decrease under Obama
* Joe Miller's private "guards" were active military
* Candidate can't name recent Supreme Court decision
* US e-voting once again predominantly closed source

* Federal court backs right to photograph courthouse
* Immigrants weren't given new names at Ellis Island
* NATO planes ferry Quetta shura to Kabul conference
* Videos of voyages through Tokyo set to electronica
* Hermaphrodite poems denounced by moralists in 1425

* Used-book salesman trawls shops with laser scanner
* Obama to appear on The Daily Show on October 27th
* Scalia & Thomas attended Koch Industries seminars
* Mrs Thomas leaves 730 AM voicemail for Anita Hill
* Holometer to test if 3rd dimension is an illusion


  October 19, 2010

* O'Donnell on separation of church and state [video]
* US ranks 49th in life expectancy; 5th in executions
* Netanyahu: West Bank construction "inconsequential"
* Pentagon tells recruiters to accept gay enlistees
* International open standard for docking in space

  October 18, 2010

* US founding fathers were deistic liberal humanists
* French refineries closed; 1000 gas stations closed
* Without fossil fuels our way of life would collapse
* Demand for natural resources has doubled since 1960
* Reporter cuffed by private security on public land

* Operation Payback targets antipiracy organizations
* Genesimmons.com now redirected to ThePirateBay.org
* IMF wavering from its mission of poverty reduction
* Association between religion & right wing politics
* Green candidates want end to corporate personhood

  October 17, 2010

* NYT reporter drinks ayahuasca in Ecuadorian Amazon
* Pictures of water balloons being popped with a pin
* Rand Paul's college group banned for mocking faith
* Mom, Baseball, and Apple Pie: playoff TV blackout
* Widely used chemical BPA declared toxic in Canada

* US shaken by surge of violence against gay people
* Terrorized Israeli settler rams car into children
* Business Software Foundation fears Open Standards
* Software removes objects from video in real-time
* Lessig reviews Facebook movie The Social Network

* MERS: The Mortgage Electronic Registration System
* The New Yorker magazine profile of Julian Assange
* 25% of US miltary applicants are too fat to fight
* Charity paying drug addicts $300 to be sterilized
* RIP Benoit Mandelbrot, father of fractal geometry


  October 16, 2010

* Tides Foundation CEO addresses Glenn Beck sponsors
* Immoral to order firefighters to watch houses burn
* Palestinians require map to recognize Jewish state
* Julian Assange criticizes decision by Moneybookers
* Background noise affects taste and texture of food

* Banks may get second bailout for foreclosure fraud
* Fed preparing another large investment in US bonds
* US electrical grid too unreliable to be vulnerable
* Method for detecting planets obscured by starlight
* How Mitt Romney got his book to be a "best seller"


  October 14, 2010

* Scientists suggest that cancer is purely man-made
* Pictures and video of Chilean miners being rescued
* Letterman comments on book thrown at the President
* Churches note anti-gay rhetoric after teen suicides
* Video: water droplet bouncing on hydrophobic carbon


  October 12, 2010

* BBC interview with 75 year old painter Paula Rego
* Spike Lee directs TV advert for Rachel Maddow Show
* Video: Vatican decree protected paedophile priests
* Asteroid passes within 40,000 miles of Earth today
* 8 miles of Los Angeles streets devoted to bicycles


  October 11, 2010

* The displacement of Palestinian villages is wrong
* Most Westboro Baptists are related to Fred Phelps
* Cindy Sheehan gets ticket for obstructing traffic
* 10th anniversary of Andrew Sullivan's "Daily Dish"
* Banksy directs couch gag for The Simpsons: google


  October 10, 2010

* Banks bet that fraudulant loans wouldn't be repaid
* Professional clown wins seat in Brazilian Congress
* Paid for by the Coven to elect Christine O'Donnell
* "Good old days" traced back to one weekend in 1948
* A radical pessimist's guide to the next ten years


  October 9, 2010

* 4chan hunts perpetrator, Reddit donates to victims
* Why US doesn't consider Israeli state as liability
* NSFW Insane Clown Posse "fundamentalist Christians"
* Better traffic flow without traffic signals: video
* "Pando" 100 acre Aspen forest is a single organism

* Congressional candidate from Ohio dresses as Nazi
* Westboro Baptists back building of Park 51 mosque
* Provocateur fired gun before Kent State shootings
* List of companies that have shipped jobs overseas
* US Chamber of Commerce runs TV ads for Democrats

* Google engineer deploys driverless car in public
* NY City officials outraged over anti-gay torture
* Campbell Soup halal-certified by Islamic Society
* Tea Party groups linked to English Defence League
* Secretariat won 1973 Belmont Stakes by 31 lengths


  October 8, 2010

* Letting house burn was the "Christian" thing to do

  October 7, 2010

* FEC should investigate Chamber's foreign funding
* GOP frames midterm election as referendum on Dems
* Video: complain about MSNBC, yet refuse to appear
* NRA backs incumbant despite GOP's rifle photo-ops
* Sarah Palin favorable rating 22%, unfavorable 48%

* Detroit property owners may lose right to garden
* Texas Attorney General demands foreclosure freeze
* Obama vetoes bill enabling interstate foreclosure
* Banks hiring people to break into occupied houses
* Thomas Jefferson addressed inequality of property

* Health care law upheld under the Commerce Clause
* US deported record number undocumented immigrants
* International competitive devaluation of currency
* Saturn's rings formed from large moon destruction
* Mr. Cranick failed to pay $75 fire department fee

* Collected narratives of recent cryptome.org hack
* Make hollowed-out book with an oscillating cutter
* Visitors send pictures to tree porn gallery [via]
* Pictures under freeway ramp leading to Bay Bridge
* Video: Hungarian workers shovel toxic red sludge


  October 6, 2010

* US Chamber of Commerce foreign funded attack ads
* Deal with hospital industry killed Public Option
* Whistleblowing site Cryptome hacked & vandalized
* Les Niqabitches of Paris wear burqas & hot pants
* Effects of decriminalized prostitution in Sydney

* The first openly autistic presidential appointee
* Ginger Ale 10% of drinks served by major airline
* Merrill Lynch brought Wall Street to Main Street
* O'Donnell's father not officially certified Bozo
* 2010 Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival pictures

  October 5, 2010

* Most Republican Presidential contenders work at Fox
* Supreme Court could limit "free speech" at funerals
* Jimmy Carter swinging a hammer on World Habitat Day
* Man faces $30k fee for growing too many vegetables
* Corporation has rights of person without liability


  October 1, 2010

* Military-industrial complex orders escalation of war
* Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) fires homophobic staffer
* Queer adults to isolated queer kids: it gets better
* Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell
* Schwarzenegger signs law to decriminalize marijuana

* Rep. Alan Grayson explains foreclosure fraud crisis


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