December 31, 2010

* 1996 Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace
* Manning chat logs won't help prosecution of Assange
* Positive initial Fox News coverage of Park51 mosque
* US won't aid Polish investigation of CIA black site
* US didn't help Dubai investigation of Mossad murder

* AAA offers free "Tipsy Tow" tonight for non-members
* NSFW ancient decorated bronze Etruscan hand-mirrors
* Yesterday was last day to have Kodachrome processed
* Lawyer argues campaign dirty tricks are free speech
* Cornerstone laid for Palestinian embassy in Brazil


  December 30, 2010

* Boredom enthusiasts gather in London at Boring 2010
* SOFEX largest trade show for military-grade weapons
* Foes of planned Park51 mosque boycott Justin Bieber
* Former NY Times reporter Judy Miller joins NewsMax
* Amazon bans obscure fiction involving taboo topics

* Patsy Campbell fighting her foreclosure since 1985
* China declares VoIP illegal; Skype may be affected
* FBI raid seeks IRC logs in Operation Payback probe
* Aerial photographs draw the eye to industrial waste
* Taibbi responds to anonymous whiners on Wall Street


  December 29, 2010

* Jon Stewart modern equivalent of Edward R. Murrow
* Wikileaks aims to make organizations act ethically
* Assange's seminal State and Terrorist Conspiracies
* Hazards of nerd supremacy in the case of Wikileaks
* Extending wins of server virtualization to desktop

* Massive and detailed dialect map of North America
* "Ferocious inwardness and aching solitude of pain"
* Evolution of art appreciation began in Pleistocene
* "Blogs and Bloggers" category on Jeopardy gameshow
* DDoS takes 4Chan [Anonymous] offline for 24 hours

* Study confirms Neanderthals cooked and ate plants
* Without electricity people will loose their noodle
* Majallie Whbee: is racism now acceptable in Israel?
* Photo journalist at Chinese Foxconn iPhone factory
* Soviet anti-Rock & Roll propaganda film translated


  December 28, 2010

* Equivalent of questioning Saddam's WMD stockpile
* Possible that Manning & Assange did not conspire
* Chrome browser able to clear Adobe super cookies
* Estimated 1% of Earthly microbe species studied
* Clinton "most admired woman" nine years running


  December 26, 2010

* Apple arose in Kazakhstan's Tien Shan mountains
* DEA has become global intelligence organization
* Hawaiian governor Abercrombie met Obama's father
* Internet access provider to own content provider
* Gap between existing home sales & new home sales

* Israelis debating whether to rent homes to Arabs
* President Nixon had FBI investigate Daniel Shorr
* Man quits job, makes good income suing spammers
* Vonnegut's note to author of Revised Kama Sutra
* DNA reveals origins of European farming 6000 BC


  December 25, 2010

* First hyperlinked webpage created 30 years ago
* Glenn Greenwald: what Wikileaks exposed in 2010
* Bruce Sterling on Wikileaks & Cablegate scandal
* FISA court approved 1,320 applications in 2009
* Saturn's moon Titan bigger than planet Mercury


  December 23, 2010

* Denisovans coexisted with Sapiens & Neanderthals
* Researchers store 90GB of data in 1g of bacteria
* 22 arrests in front of Chase Bank in Los Angeles
* Expedia & Orbitz dispute with American Airlines
* Fox News analyst wants assassination of Assange


  December 21, 2010

* Tax break con-job pays for conservative news media
* Electronic pickpocketing of credit cards uses RFID
* Apple deletes app that enables Wikileaks donations
* FCC approves Google-Verizon net-neutrality scheme
* Reasoning behind DHS siezure of internet domains


  December 20, 2010

* Profile of amateur costumed Seattle crime fighters
* Diplomats would stop fissile material trafficking
* Rachel Maddow yearning to interview conservatives
* Palin fears government takover of dessert choices
* I saw red eclipse on solstice despite cloud cover

  December 19, 2010

* Traditional media downplay Wikileaks significance
* 2006-2010 archive of cryptome Wikileaks reporting
* TSA audit shows consistent failure to detect guns
* Strong evidence "free radicals" don't cause aging
* Total eclipse of the Moon coincides with Solstice


  December 18, 2010

* Anonymous addresses free thinkers of the world
* Shep Smith addresses opponents of "Zadroga bill"
* US Senate votes to repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell"
* "Word Lens" iPhone realtime language translation
* Independent Film Channel now playing commercials


  December 17, 2010

* Don Van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart is dead at 69


  December 16, 2010

* Julian Assange speaks to reporters after release
* UK demonstrator challenges legality of "kettling"
* Pilgrimage to the home of the Ark of the Covenant
* Vacant properties in China would house half of US
* Venture capitalist values Twitter at $3.7 Billion


  December 15, 2010

* Non-competitive chat can improve cognitive ability
* Programmer claims FBI paid for backdoor in OpenBSD
* IBM supercomputer to challenge winners of Jeopardy
* Visa, PayPal enable funding of Israeli settlements
* Bradley Manning in solitary confinement since May

* Alice Cooper, Neil Diamond join Rock Hall of Fame
* Mike Wilson 99 foot rope swing quadruple backflip
* Ubiquity of black rectangles in industrial design
* Conservative project to stop effective government
* Reality is dependent on model used to describe it

  December 14, 2010

* Crimes carried out in our name with our tax dollars
* Assange was in jail cell that once held Oscar Wilde
* Court rules email is protected by Fourth Amendment
* Judge makes elementary error in health care ruling
* Elaine Brown advocates for Georgia prison strikers


  December 13, 2010

* Profile of hacktivism & Anonymous' Operation Payback
* Backscatter scanners won't detect plastic explosives
* Judge spikes law requiring health insurance purchase
* Only governments can boost non-carbon energy sources
* Oliver Sacks has prosopagnosia, or "face blindness"

  December 12, 2010

* Eisenhower's notes from his farewell address of 1961
* Evidence quantum mechanics is part of photosynthesis
* PayPal releases funds in suspended Wikileaks account
* Wealthy NY county goes broke after electing Tea Party
* Across The Universe [2007] Beatles covers, rock opera


  December 11, 2010

* 2600 Magazine condemns attacks on Wikileaks censors
* Rolling Stone publishes final John Lennon interview
* The Wickerman [1973] portrays Scottish pagan ritual
* Louis CK on Leno: Black people get to complain more
* First postal letter to be flown across the Atlantic


  December 10, 2010

* All-female lizard species reproduces via cloning
* American TV comedies undermine Islamic extremism
* Actual filibuster by Progressive Senate Democrats
* Video: Ron Paul addresses Wikileaks on House floor
* Nobel Peace Prize winner unable to attend ceremony


  November 18, 2010

* Patti Smith non-fiction prize at Nat'l Book Awards
* 1975 Cannes Film Fest interview with Werner Herzog
* Britain harvested organs of nuke industry workers
* Sheriff Joe Arpaio's posse includes Steven Seagal
* Low-tech sound and light shows of ancient Chavin

* Fed prints money to buy T-Bills from Goldman-Sachs
* House will hold vote on middle-class tax cuts only
* Domain name system steward writing censorship law
* Comparing evolutionary mutation in genes and text
* TSA backscatter body-scan radiation safety [PDF]


  November 17, 2010

* First successful Senate write-in campaign since 1954
* Anonymous DHS source informs CNN that TSA is "angry"
* Defense bill with DADT repeal to get lame duck vote
* First Guantanamo detainee in civil court convicted
* Pound of coal to make kilowatt hour of electricity

* Response to Cantor's pledge of allegiance to Israel
* Glenn Beck segment opens with Radiohead's Idioteque
* Ron Paul introduces "American Traveler Diginity Act"
* DVD Anthony Bourdain No Reservations Season 5 Disc 1
* Gwyneth Paltrow guest appearance on Glee [Cable TV]


* "Trials cyclist" Danny MacAskill Skye to Edinburgh


  November 16, 2010

* Airport can hire private screeners after 2 years
* Elaborate chart traces path of who owns mortgage
* Republicans block permanent middle-class tax cut
* History of big American station wagons [1971-78]
* Pictures from the world's largest ship graveyard

* Ireland apparently forced to get bailout from EU
* Body of Tycho Brahe exhumed recently and in 1901
* Bacteria in food helps support the immune system
* US legislation would block DNS on pirate domains
* Redditors find cycbot.b on their Windows systems


  November 15, 2010

* Mars colony as hedge against catastrophe on Earth
* US gives jets to Israel for delaying construction
* To cleanly differentiate between real & symbolic
* San Francisco's Lost Weekend Video is struggling
* US Antarctic Field Manual igloos in 3 to 5 hours


  November 14, 2010

* Cedric Pollet's photographs of world's tree barks
* Kucinich to force vote on timeline in Afghanistan
* Financial groups find loophole in the Volcker rule
* Molecular gastronomist breaks rules of a sommelier
* 10 trillion stars visible for every person on Earth

* Hillary Swank urges Christians to contact prisoners
* Bobby Jindal heard Rahm Emanuel swear into a phone
* Wikipedia would block 67 million Verizon customers
* National Opt-Out Day at US airports November 24th
* Letter from Neil Armstrong to spacesuit engineers

  November 13, 2010

* Retrovirus embedded in DNA linked to schizophrenia
* Aung Suu Kyi released from house arrest in Rangoon
* TSA threatens fine for opting out of genital grope
* GOP "will serve as a check" on Obama for Netanyahu
* Environmental policy based on Genesis and Matthew

* Matt Taibbi touring to support new book Griftopia

  November 12, 2010

* Rachel Maddow's hour long interview with Jon Stewart
* Holographic pop singer Hatsune Miku on tour in Japan


  November 10, 2010

* The right to file a class action suit is in danger
* Charge of hit-and-run threatens wealth management
* German Chancellor disputes passage in Bush memoir
* Edward Tufte auctioning off rare book collection

  November 8, 2010

* Obama signs deal in India to create 50,000 US jobs
* Gates urges repeal of DADT prior to 112th Congress
* Michigan attorney general fires assistant Shirvall
* Bush doesn't back up claims in memoir with evidence
* THC prevents key pathological marker of Alzhiemer's

* Scene-by-scene analysis of the film They Live [1988]
* MSNBC reinstates Olbermann after four day suspension
* Conan O'Brien returns to late-night TV tonight at 11
* 2 Minute Silence Remembrance Day song may top charts
* Heidemarie Schwermer living without money since 1996


  November 5, 2010

* BART cop sentenced for shooting unarmed man in back
* Single anonymous source for cost of President's trip
* No more claims of massive voter fraud after election
* Long unenforced rule used to suspend Keith Olbermann
* Cook's Source magazine claims Web is "public domain"

  November 3, 2010

* 1350 BC letter from King Ayyab to Pharaoh Amenhotep
* Bush claims he was a "dissenting voice" on Iraq War
* Democrat Jerry Brown elected governor of California
* Foundation X wants to donate £17 Billion to Britian
* ABC's election day open letter to Andrew Breitbart

* Obama responds to Democratic losses in Legislature
* Gingrich not asked to give election analysis on TV
* EPA recently classified carbon dioxide as pollutant
* Campbell will resign as Premier of British Columbia
* Getting used to sleeping on the Int'l Space Station

  November 1, 2010

* People are Awesome on bikes, skates and wheelchairs
* Pictures from Washington DC Rally to Restore Sanity
* Blekko search engine features bias option slashtags
* Classification of drugs has little relation to harm
* Galifianakis smokes joint on Bill Maher's Real Time

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