April 30, 2011

* WalMart CEO says customers are running out of money
* Texas House committee votes for tax break on yachts
* Anonymous steals documents from Chamber of Commerce
* Another manufactured chop-shop video from Breitbart
* Facebook not suited to organizing political causes

* Vermont Universal Health Care is 1st in the nation
* Rejecting evidence & views that contradict beliefs
* AT&T bandwidth cap in response to Netflix streaming
* Phone interview with a "rather sick" Maurice Sendak
* Obama jokes about Trump at WH Correspondents dinner


  April 29, 2011

* Great moments in Werner Herzog voiceovers [videos]
* Profile of Reykjavik mayor, punk rocker John Gnarr
* Rise of Canadian "third party" New Democrats [NDP]
* Reaction to Ryan budget at US "town hall" meetings
* Bradley Manning now interacting with other inmates

* Tunisians remember street-vendor Mohamed Bouazizi
* France dropping 600 pound concrete bombs in Libya
* Clue as to why vitamin takers are no more healthy
* George Carlin's countless love notes to his wife
* Important issues of our time are too complicated


  April 28, 2011

* SCOTUS: corporations can block class-action suits
* Elected leaders represent people in "free market"
* Congressional Progressive Caucus' People's Budget
* Study indicates doctors complicit in Gitmo abuse
* Perhaps first use of "torture" in New York Times

* SpaceX "Dragon" lands on any solid surface [video]
* Hamas & Fatah agree on technocrats for unity govt
* Pics of protests in Syria and at Syrian embassies
* St. Anthony's "Wet House" facilitates alcoholics
* Stream the Fleet Foxes "Helplessness Blues" here


  April 27, 2011

* Earliest European depictions of Native Americans
* Obama didn't need to prove he was born in the US
* Candidate Romney notes "peacetime spending binge"
* US trying to stabilize periphery as center wanes
* Do tax breaks encourage domestic oil production?


  April 26, 2011

* Cave of Forgotten Dreams [2010] Herzog in Chauvet


  April 25, 2011

* Wikileaks publishes secret files on Gitmo prisoners
* NY Times often carries stories sourced to Wikileaks
* Handwritten notes of CIA shrink who designed torture
* Health insurance surplus would pay Louisiana deficit
* Copyright troll Righthaven defies domain name ruling

* My comment about cookies banned from Easter bakesale
* Feds assume control of New Orleans police department
* Trump hasn't voted in a primary election since 1989
* Syria tests Iranian position on "Islamic Awakening"
* Google Video agrees to move all content to YouTube

* Vikings may have brought Native American to Iceland


  April 23, 2011

* Congress cuts benefits before taxing rich constituents
* Sixteen winners of Israel Prize back Palestinian state
* Syrian security forces fired on thousands of marchers
* Security forces fire on mourners in suburban Damascus
* 1000 march in Hong Kong for the release of Ai Weiwei

* Sen. Kyle erases statement from Congressional record
* Minnesota GOP House Speaker calls voting a privilege
* Software made O'Donnell campaign use funds for condo
* Germany expels visiting preacher for inciting hatred
* Episode of Int'l Space Station improv-reality-sitcom

  April 22, 2011

* "Consumer-based" medicine substantially more expensive
* President declares Bradley Manning guilty before trial
* Two years ago Sean Hannity offered to be waterboarded
* Environmental activists occupy second largest oil rig
* BP gets $10B tax credit for loss from Gulf oil spill

* Life Magazine's 1961 story on Atomic Gardening Society
* Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud [EC2] crashed yesterday
* Wii 2, aka "Project Cafe" to start shipping in October
* 50th anniversary edition of Juster's Phantom Tollbooth
* 9/11 first responders must be checked against FBI list


  April 21, 2011

* Parallel reductions in genetic & phonemic diversity
* Britain bans export of drugs used for US executions
* Adm Mullen: Pakistani ISI supports Afghan militants
* Sen. Ensign to resign prior to ethics investigation
* Howard Marlowe of the American League of Lobbyists

* Manning supporters sing for Obama in San Francisco
* Gov. Perry proclaims three days of "Prayer for Rain"
* Hydrofracking: carcinogens injected into watersheds
* Price of gold bullion settles above $1500 per ounce
* On The Road [2011] from Motorcycle Diaries director


  April 20, 2011

* iPhone and 3G iPad keep database of user's location
* Bradley Manning to move from Quantico to Leavenworth


  April 19, 2011

* Memos expose link between oil firms and Iraq invasion
* Sen. Paul Ryan used Social Security to pay for college
* Arizona Gov. Brewer vetoes bill to allow guns on campus
* Texas kindergartner's loaded firearm injures classmates
* Retired Judge Vaughn Walker releases Prop 8 trial video

* Holy Rollers documentary about card counting Christians
* Absence of evidence that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig
* Maine's Gov. LePage would roll back labor law for minors
* Wildlife pics from expedition to Antarctic Mertz Glacier
* Commercially available exoskeleton helps man walk [video]


  April 18, 2011

* Effectiveness of antibiotics declines in outer space
* Seemingly untraceable etymology of 1,000 common words
* Biologist Edward O Wilson shifts position on altruism
* Recall petition filed for third Wisconsin GOP Senator
* CNN ignores crowd size at Palin appearance in Madison

* Spike Jonze video of Jookin by Lil Buck with Yo-Yo Ma
* Google Video to close without YouTube transfer option
* 10 year Treasury note down slightly after S&P warning
* Opponent of nonsense-speaking Republican is "uncivil"
* Complaining about TSA is a sign of "terrorist intent"

* 16 year old girl survives fall from Golden Gate Bridge
* Fundamentalists destroy Andres Serrano's "Piss Christ"
* Tea Party member addresses "pot smoking neo-Marxists"
* 4.7% of personal income funds the War in Afghanistan
* Former Bishop Roger Vangheluwe makes light of abuse


  April 17, 2011


  April 16, 2011

* "Oscar the Grouch" named for radio host Oscar Brand
* UC Berkeley supplies the most Peace Corps volunteers
* Borders Bookstore bankruptcy filing includes bonuses
* Bipartisan Senate Gang of Six nears budget consensus
* President could use veto instead of signing statement

  April 15, 2011

* House Democrats punk Republicans during budget vote
* Obama: GOP tried to sneak agenda into budget [audio]
* British economy plunges year after sharp budget cuts
* Myth of Scarcity: "free trade" results in starvation
* Kyle comment on abortion "not intended to be factual"

* Photos of elderly animals are testament to endurance
* Homosexuality tolerated while Medicis ruled Florence
* ATF encouraged sales of guns to Mexican drug cartels
* Turing Test for social network sock puppet accounts
* Activist Vittorio Arrigoni found dead in Gaza City

* USPS Statue of Liberty stamp features Vegas replica

  April 14, 2011

* CBO: Republican budget deal increases 2011 spending
* Big Picture series "Japan's crisis: one month later"
* Int'l Solidarity Movement activist Vittorio Arrigoni
* What Trump private investigators will find in Hawaii
* Bonds unlikely ever to be enshrined in Hall of Fame


  April 13, 2011

* Virgin Galactic help-wanted ad for pilot-astronauts
* US nuclear plants use as much water as large cities
* Baby-care guru Dr. Spock later opposed circumcision
* Rebels used semaphores after phone network shutdown
* Thousands of Syrian women & children block highway

* 150,000 years ago human population reduced to 2,000
* Montana governor vetoes repeal of medical marijuana
* Tungsten bad substitute for lead in "green bullets"
* House Speaker negotiates debt ceiling with Wall St
* 50 years since Cuban exiles mission at Bay of Pigs

  April 12, 2011

* 50th anniversary of first human visit to outer space
* 150th anniversary of the first shots in US Civil War
* Matt Taibbi: Fed Reserve's massive unofficial budget
* Chicago school principles can ban home-packed lunches
* France issues ticket to woman wearing an Islamic veil

* Fukushima nuclear disaster now on par with Chernobyl
* Beijing stadium designer Ai Weiwei accused of crimes
* Governor makes video to settle lawsuit by David Byrne
* Bachmann didn't close the door on two-term presidency
* Netflix streams about 20,000 of 90,000 titles offered

* American two-party system suffocates political choice
* Syrian soldiers shot for refusing to kill protesters
* Anti-government Yemeni women pray in Sanaa [picture]
* Spike in percentage of girls beginning puberty early
* Evan Williams: "five easy pieces of online identity"


* Jennifer Hudson sings "Don't Look Down" on TV [video]

  April 11, 2011

* Corporate tax cuts created Wisconsin budget shortfall
* US Ikea factory's labor issues are big news in Sweden
* Japanese corporate mascot addresses fear of plutonium
* Catholic League claims priests unfairly "singled out"
* Humans evolved to detect cheating in social exchanges

* Pre-fame letters from Thom Yorke to fans of Radiohead
* FBI releases report on 1947 crash of "flying saucers"
* First Lady undermines religion with exercise campaign
* Segregated "Black Panthers" WWII tank battalion [via]
* Disposable medical camera the size of a grain of salt


  April 9, 2011

* Election clerk found 7000 more votes for former boss
* Protesters return after military police clear Tahrir
* Libyan rebels paint the roofs of their vehicles pink
* Merck drug Propecia linked to irreversible impotence
* Twain, Ginsberg, Bukowski, & Philip K Dick with cats

* Rep. Giffords would attend husband's shuttle launch

  April 8, 2011

* Ivy League Law School teachers address Bradley Manning
* Minority groups rewarded for contributing to war effort
* Survey of protests in Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia
* Barry Marshall drank bacteria to prove it causes ulcers
* Spooky drive through Fukushima evacuation zone [video]


  April 7, 2011

* City planners learn urban farmer sold rabbit pot pies
* Dalai Lama's "retirement" may serve to pre-empt China
* The more respectable you look the easier it is to lie
* Drying laundry on a line is sign of poverty in the US
* NASA/ESA astronaut Paulo Nespoli photo gallery [via]


  April 6, 2011

* Congress delegates power to make war to the President
* Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Kloppenburg
* Christians and hackers compared in Vatican periodical
* Nanoparticle would kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria
* 2009 biopic of Tolstoy's last year, The Final Station

* Global conspiracy complete: Glenn Beck to transition
* Subterranean 35 acre Cold War City of Burlington, UK
* Carbohydrate diet leads to "vicious cycle of craving"
* Beer brewing may be as old as cooking [250,000 years]
* Mass migration of gold stingrays off Mexico [pictures]


  April 5, 2011

* MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell praises Fox's Glenn Beck
* Branson launches "Virgin Ocean" deep sea submarines

  April 3, 2011

* 300 genetically modified cows producing "human" milk
* Police sieze 3,500 copies of book on graft in Moscow
* Vanity Fair: top 1% should prepare for US revolution
* Tax cuts for the rich equal programs at risk [chart]
* FDIC calls for bank Superfund to buy toxic mortgages

* Bloomberg FOIA request results in Fed Reserve CD-ROM
* US Federal and State Income Tax forms due April 18th
* How to restore sharpness of Gillette hand-held razor
* Anti-sectarian Bahraini blogfather Mahmood al-Yousif
* Artist Ai Weiwei detained before flight to Hong Kong

* StunRay overloads neural network connected to retina
* High resolution pics of Fukushima nuke plant 2nd set
* Radioactive water leaking into ocean from Fukushima
* Mock commercials for Harriet Tubman inspired Barbie
* Taghkanic Diner on Route 82 in Anram, NY since 1953


  April 1, 2011

* GoDaddy CEO: Elephants are valuable source of protein
* Petroleum based food coloring linked to hyperactivity
* Ways to substantially reduce exposure to bisphenol-A
* History of hedge fund industry by Sebastian Mallaby
* Police chief sueing YouTube over Toronto G20 videos

* Fukushima Daiichi Nuke plant high-resolution photos
* George Bush addresses women's rights in Afghanistan
* 5-minute video shot, edited & posted by Republicans
* "Natural born" US citizen gets job on Fox & Friends
* Native art found in caves from Wisconsin to Florida


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