February 28, 2011

* Disruptive networks challenge centralized authority
* Security firm HBGary Federal CEO Aaron Barr resigns
* Wikileaks releases cables about Saudi Royal welfare
* US Catholic Bishops committee backs Wisconsin union
* Glenn Beck syndicated radio show off the air in NYC


  February 27, 2011

* Obama administration takes hardline on whistleblowers
* Wisconsin state capitol was scheduled to close at 4PM
* Anonymous collective takes down Koch Brothers website
* Planets detected apparently sharing orbit around star
* Captain Beefheart's 10 commandments of guitar playing


  February 26, 2011

* Egyptian committee offers constitutional amendments
* Egyptian military apologizes for beating protesters
* Libya's ambassador to US flies pre-Qaddafi era flag
* Watchers Council oldest known existing organization
* 11,500 year old Xaasaa cremation unearthed in Alaska

* Voices & pictures from Madison, Wisconsin, protests
* Madison police estimate Saturday's crowd at 100,000
* Police association asks Walker to keep Capitol open
* Governor Walker considered using agents provocateur
* Shep Smith: "there is no budget crisis in Wisconsin"

* Koch Brothers companies & Scott Walker contributors
* GE, Exxon, BofA, Citibank pay no federal income tax
* Harper Collins now limiting library ebook checkouts
* Light dusting of snow on San Francisco's Twin Peaks
* "Create islands of meaning in flood of information"


  February 25, 2011

* Tour of 11-day encampment in Wisconsin State Capitol
* Gates warns against future wars in Asia, Middle East
* PayPal unfreezes Bradley Manning defense fund account
* Googlebombers turn abortion into 2nd result for murder
* Rumsfeld responds to question from comedian Louis C.K.

* Space Shuttle Discovery's 39th & final flight [video]


  February 24, 2011

* Jon Stewart interviews Donald Rumsfeld [30 minutes]
* Benghazi, Libya welcomes western journalist [video]
* PayPal cuts service to Bradley Manning's supporters
* Anonymous collective hacks Westboro Baptist website
* National Broadband map helps find fastest local ISP

* Madison police chief comments on Walker prank call
* Prank Koch call changing battle for public opinion
* Disability group occupies Madison GOP headquarters
* Carbohydrates increase appetite, obesity, diabetes
* Fundamental moral tragedy of industrial modernity

  February 22, 2011

* Gov. Walker believed he spoke with billionaire Koch
* Governor blocked protesters website on Capitol WiFi
* Disney's rejection letter to 18 year old Tim Burton

  February 21, 2011

* Pics of anti-government protests around the Middle East
* Pics of anti-government protests from around the world
* Libyan airforce pilots land in Malta & request asylum
* Ten websites Glenn Beck doesn't trust besides google
* Rep. Speier addresses vendetta on Planned Parenthood

* Politics ruins religion and religion ruins politics
* US acknowledges CIA contractor arrested in Pakistan
* Rumsfeld: WMD were main reason for invasion of Iraq
* Rumsfeld peddling book four years after replacement
* Book by former aide to half-term governor of Alaska

* The Lord of the Rings from the bad guys perspective
* Burden of communication has shifted to the listener
* Cardinal and archbishop wash feet of abuse victims
* Bizarre molecular gastronomy of Grant Achatz [via]
* A word on statistics by Wislawa Szymborska [poem]


  February 20, 2011

* Islamist responds to revolt led by moderates in Egypt
* Wisconsin GOP rejects offer that would balance budget
* Walker's aim isn't balancing budget but busting union
* Rep. Hintz speech on Wisconsin Assembly floor [video]
* Pictures of last videogame arcade in NYC's Chinatown

* Protest pics from Bolivia, Albania, Kuwait, Pakistan
* Libyan forces fire machine gun at funeral in Benghazi
* Ghadafi's son: protesters control some military bases
* Anonymous respond to Westboro "response" to Anonymous
* Advertisement uses M. Ward's Here Comes The Sun Again



  February 19, 2011

* Bahrainis re-occupy roundabout after police withdraw
* News of protests in Libya, Yemen, Algeria and Bahrain
* Huge unfunded tax-cuts used as excuse to cut programs
* Wisconsin anti-Walker protestors outnumber supporters
* Pundit links Wisconsin Unions and Muslim Brotherhood

* Anonymous Senator holds Whistleblower protection bill
* Re-enactment of inauguration of Jefferson Davis today
* EFF representing publisher of Urban Homesteading book
* Sea Shepherd reports recall of Japanese Whaling fleet
* US vetoes UN resolution opposing Israeli settlements


  February 18, 2011

* Wisconsin legislators leave state to prevent quorum
* Gene Sharp's writings on "dictatorship to democracy"
* HBGary would spawn army of facebook/twitter personas
* 1 in 3 doctors lack firewall and anti-virus software
* 80% of browsers run by consumers found to be at risk

* Iranian National Guard petitions regime for pacifism
* Glenn Beck asks listeners not to google his theories
* Music video from Radiohead's new album King of Limbs
* NSFW 1994 appearance by Madonna on The Tonight Show
* Publisher's 1936 rejection of Miller's Black Spring



  February 17, 2011


  February 16, 2011

* Feds do more to protect Wall Street than prosecute
* Feingold comments on protests at Wisconsin capitol
* Objectified [2009] "design is the search for form"
* First Lady Michelle Obama promotes breast feeding
* Ira Glass finds Coke recipe hidden in plain sight

* Anatomy of Anonymous collective's hack of HBGary


  February 14, 2011

* Massively parallel probabilistic evidence based IBM
* Japan's sun-watching satellite images coronal holes
* Patriot Act passes Congress on simple majority vote
* Shirley Sherrod files suit against Andrew Breitbart
* Focus on single alleged voter intimidation incident

* Iranian regime surprised by sizes of demonstrations
* King of Limbs is Radiohead's first album since 2007
* Madonna gives blessing and Lady Gaga puts it to bed
* Charanjit Singh's 1982 Proto-Acid House "Ten Ragas"
* Inside the convoluted plot to bring down Wikileaks

* Rebirth of Midland Grand as St Pancras Renaissance


  February 13, 2011

* A change in how Arabs view their role in the State?
* McClintock [R-CA]: Patriot Act shreds Constitution
* Neil Gaiman explains why he doesn't sweat "piracy"
* Bilderrausch 1970's art by teenagers in drug rehab
* In Focus: The Atlantic magazine's photography blog

* My friend James' dog Greta passed away February 11
* The leaked campaign to attack Wikileaks supporters
* Copiously decorated 9th century Carolingian gospel
* Google's Translate iPhone app accepts voice input
* 24 hour cable TV video from EchoStar 11 satellite


  February 12, 2011

* Iranian opposition plans anti-government rally Feb 14
* Rep. Weiner calls out GOP for violating their own rule
* CPAC audience cheers advocate of "jailing journalists"
* HBGary Federal report on Anonymous by Aaron Barr [PDF]
* Contemporary Indian surrealist painter Sudhanshu Sutar


  February 11, 2011

* YouTube citizen videos on the day of Mubarak ouster
* 2/11 bloodless military coup backs uprising in Egypt
* US Senate rule forbids secret hold by single Senator
* Chamber of Commerce hired hackers to sabotage unions
* Breitbart obsessed with obscure Agriculture official


  February 10, 2011

* Undeciphered Voynich manuscript dated to 15th century
* 18,000 companies use building as tax shelter [video]
* Ron Paul supporters disrupt Cheney-Rumsfeld reunion
* Proposed new broadcaster interferes with GPS signal
* Inside The St John Coltrane African Orthodox Church


  February 9, 2011

* Tea Party caucus helps temporarily block Patriot Act
* Berkeley considers inviting cleared Gitmo detainees
* Bank of America hired firms to counteract Wikileaks
* Republinomics: conditions always support GOP policy
* Lymph node removal doesn't increase cancer survival

  February 8, 2011

* Tariq Ramadan & Slavoj Zizek discuss popular dissent
* Asmaa Mahfouz's video helped spark Egyptian uprising
* Cables on Egypt VP Suleiman's connections with Israel
* O'Reilly interrupted President 42 times in 14 minutes
* Dept of Health recommends standing at least once a day



  February 7, 2011

* Paul Haggis leaves Scientology from inner sanctum
* Anonymous siezes control of security firm website
* Blog devoted to pictures of alleys in Los Angeles
* Huffington Post purchased by AOL for $315 million
* Fox News' live pre-Superbowl interview with Obama

* William S. Burroughs: A Man Within [2010] Trailer


  February 6, 2011

* Suelo returns to Moab & perceives self importance
* Bush cancels visit to Switzerland to avoid arrest
* Mayoral election was first use of name in commerce
* Interview with "progressive hunter" Byron Williams
* Security firm identifies key members of Anonymous

  February 5, 2011

* Muslim Brotherhood rejects call for Islamic state
* Brotherhood would not run candidate for president
* In retrospect: Obama spoke in Cairo 18 months ago
* Clinton warns of perfect storm in the Middle East
* Uprising in Egypt reminds Merkel of East Germany


  February 4, 2011

* McCain compares pro-democracy movement to "virus"
* Rand Paul: end welfare to wealthy state of Israel
* The citizenry has a right to scrutinize the state
* Congresswoman unaware state pays her doctors bill
* Social Security privatization "individual mandate"

* Highway 50 designated "loneliest road in America"
* As president, Santorum would eliminate 9th Circuit
* Campaign to maintain control of public information
* The first book about women having sexual fantasies
* Annual quarter mile "Empire State Building Run-Up"


  February 3, 2011

* Canada's Internet rescued from "regulatory capture"
* Reagan Solicitor General on US Health Care Mandate
* Category 5 cyclone strongest recorded in Australia
* Global Warming increases severity of precipitation
* People with surnames at end of alphabet buy sooner

* Doodles by Kafka, Nabakov, Ginsberg, Miller, Twain
* The end of blogging and the end of the "long take"
* Houston cops assaulted passive 15 year old [video]
* New York city council bans smoking at Times Square
* Christians protect Muslims at prayer amid protests

* Christiane Amanpour interviews Mubarak off-camera
* Reporters threatened, attacked or detained in Egypt
* Leahy threatens aid over Mubarak sponsored violence
* Egyptian law allowed use of Vodafone for propaganda
* More pics of Cairo protests from AP, Reuters, Getty


  February 2, 2011

* Tax cuts and budget deficits vis a vis unemployment
* US high school lesbian couple cheered by classmates
* Pictures of Mt Shasta laundromat [flickr slideshow]
* Match.com acquires OKCupid for $50M [google cache]
* Facebook "private info" increasingly used in court

* Anderson Cooper crew attacked by Mubarak supporters
* Plain clothes police attack peaceful demonstrators
* Israel-Egypt peace initiated massive annual US aid
* Muslim Brotherhood not on US list of terror groups
* Egyptian Christians guard mosques as Muslims pray


  February 1, 2011

* Hosni Mubarak speaks of self in the third person
* New Egyptian VP was point man for CIA renditions
* Google enables voice activated tweets from Egypt
* Google Art Project like Street View for museums
* Bing doesn't deny copying Google search results

* ARIN to distribute last block of IPv4 addresses
* USDA allows unrestricted planting of GM alfalfa
* Cooking the raw material of nature into culture
* Nabakov theory on butterfly evolution vindicated
* Jane's Addiction recording their 4th studio album

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