January 31, 2011

* Pics of Egyptian protests from AP, Reuters, Getty
* Israel urges leaders to curb criticism of Mubarak
* GOP: pay foreign creditors before Social Security
* Protest at Koch Brothers confab near Palm Springs
* Study tracks computer mouse movement & hesitation

* Carlos Santana wed drummer Cindy Blackman in Maui
* Crestone, Colorado residents may have funeral pyre
* Gun show undercover: how dangerous people get guns
* Hellboy film director Guillermo del Toro profiled
* Staff at popular news network cannot locate Egypt

* 60 Minutes interview with Julian Assange [video]

  January 30, 2011

* Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood renounced violence
* Mary don't you weep, Pharaoh's army got drowned
* US DoJ wants ISP's to retain data for two years
* The Plot to kill Grandmothers & outlaw Christmas
* Jon Stewart named to September 11 Memorial board

* Investigators unable to link Manning and Assange
* 2007 Kenyan report first leak given to Wikileaks
* UK investigation of Anonymous hacking collective
* Continuing fight over the Civil War & its causes
* Music & dancing on the most important occasions



  January 29, 2011

* Egyptian Army would protect protestors from police
* FBI warrants seeking evidence of DDoS on PayPal etc
* Correlation of religiosity gene with high fertility
* Bristol Palin charges $20K to talk about abstinence
* Republicans fight abortion access by redefining rape


  January 28, 2011

* Biden: Mubarak is no dictator, shouldn't step down
* Wikileaks ISP anonymizes traffic to neutralize law
* Application used to avoid police kettling in London
* Advertisers boycott Limbaugh after Chinese mimickry
* Ayn Rand took Social Security and Medicare payments


  January 27, 2011

* DHS document authorizing photographs of buildings
* Reddit thread on being well-dressed at the office
* Defense Department on Manning, Assange, Wikileaks
* Media makes money from Wikileaks whilst critical
* White House doesn't express support for Mubarak

* Debate over next edition of the DSM of Psychiatry
* Kevin Smith bucks current film distribution model
* Bet between art museums in Super Bowl team cities
* Earliest book to compare religions on equal terms
* Egypt blocks Internet before anticipated protests


  January 26, 2011

* Medieval scribal pattern book at Beinecke Library
* Pastor supports the right to carry guns in church
* Ted Haggard comes out as bisexual in GQ interview
* DHS to retire color coded terror alerts by Spring
* Freeman in court: judge bows to Sovereign [video]


  January 25, 2011

* Solo protestor faces water cannon truck [video]
* Live updates from "police day" protests in Egypt
* Pawlenty on social security increases for the rich
* Gov't of the banks, by the banks and for the banks
* Anti-capitalist flamenco flashmob in Spanish bank



  January 24, 2011

* Joe Wilson to sit with Dems at State of the Union
* Judge Scalia to address bipartisan Tea Party meet
* Jury acquits flier of TSA video recording charge
* Jack LaLanne dead at 96; theatrical fitness guru
* Keanu Reeves reveals plans for more Matrix films

* Early 20th century workout requires no equipment
* Tea Party national conference will be in Arizona
* Bachmann speech gets every historical fact wrong
* Al Jazeera document leak humiliates Palestinians
* Rice wanted to send Palestinian refugees to Chile

* US should not veto UN resolution on settlements!
* Texas used federal stimulus to cover 2009 deficit
* Longest, strangest art-forgery spree in US history
* Ars Technica surveys history of computer displays
* Domestic use of aerial drones by law enforcement



  January 23, 2011

* Clinton vetoed Official Secrets Act in 2000 [video]
* Obama job rating entered positive territory Dec 31
* Meg Whitman would challenge Sen. Feinstein in 2012
* More addicts get help after drug decriminalization
* Up to 15 years in prison for eavesdropping police

* Elmer in prison for revealing offshore tax evasion
* Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems CEO quits
* The technology to think viscerally as human family
* Social tips for people who have Aspergers Syndrome
* MLK asked Nichelle Nichols to remain on Star Trek


  January 22, 2011

* Wikipedia founder narrates video about first decade
* Seymour Hersh: military JSOC is run by "crusaders"
* College student arrested after requesting warrant
* Translation of Limbaugh's impression of Hu Jintau
* Errol Morris' short documentary about IBM [video]


  January 21, 2011

* Harriet Beecher Stowe & Samuel Clemens were neighbors
* War on drugs more brutal than drug use itself [video]
* Olbermann signs off after Comcast takes over at MSNBC
* Megan Kelly claims Fox News people don't invoke Nazis
* Relationship between technology and authoritarianism


  January 20, 2011

* "Wind panels" vibrate to make electricity [video]
* PM demands Blair release pre-War letters to Bush
* WalMart helps Michelle Obama fight child obesity
* Sarah Palin is delusional narcissistic sociopath
* Glenn Beck: "you have to shoot them in the head"


  January 19, 2011

* John Cusack as Edgar Allen Poe: film-set snapshots


  January 18, 2011

* FCC protecting corporate interest not public interest
* Health care reform to have small impact on job market
* Surfers ride upriver for miles on tidal bores [video]
* Engineered E. coli eats CO2 and excretes hydrocarbons
* Turkish airfield facilitated extraordinary rendition


  January 17, 2011

* Ike warned of military industrial complex 50 years ago
* Century old Shackleton whiskey flown out of Antarctica
* Muhammad Yunus on destruction of microfinance industry
* 1st US project by Japanese design firm Atelier Bow Wow
* Student petition against school's "No Hugging" policy

* Dating site profiles non-members using public records
* US develops flexible glass that's stronger than steel
* Exile Wang Dan is on the advisory board of Wikileaks
* Gateway Pundit not familiar with "closed captioning"
* No oversight of intelligence community by US Senate

* William F. Buckley interviewed Noam Chomsky [video]



  January 16, 2011

* Gitmo cited to defend China's human rights abuses
* Shaun Ellis lived with a wolf pack for over a year
* Senate committee approves internet "blacklist" bill
* Housewife's 1956 LSD trip at Veterans Hospital in LA
* Tennessee Tea Party would remove slavery from history

* Remarkable text of Arizona's new ban on Ethnic Studies
* No law authorizes siezure of electronics at US border
* Candy Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Chew Bars are toxic
* Leaked diplomatic cable sparked Tunisian revolution
* King David & his son Solomon ruled a small kingdom



  January 15, 2011

* US eases restrictions on Cuba travel & remittance
* Coup in Tunisia follows Clinton's call for reform
* Stephen Colbert stands by Obama/Hitler comparison
* Animation of Ken Nordine's 1967 "word jazz" Colors
* Kinetic typography turns movie dialogue into design

* Decade of Wikipedia typifies free culture movement
* NY Times reports US and Israel behind Stuxnet worm
* Rudolf Elmer: offshore banking secrets to Wikileaks
* San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts reopened Friday
* Hannity, Beck dropped by Philadelphia radio station


  January 14, 2011

* Global protest in defense of Wikileaks, January 15
* Bookshelf porn: photos of beautiful, bookish rooms
* Senator: Federal child labor laws unconstitutional
* Limbaugh's "straight shooter" billboard in Tucson
* There is snow on the ground in all but 1 US state


  January 13, 2011

* Francis Ford Coppola's 1976 letter to Marlon Brando
* Rep. Rogers introduces bill to extend "Patriot Act"
* Wikileaks gives $15,000 to Bradley Manning defense
* Rep. Gabrielle Giffords communicating with family
* David Letterman phoned Conan O'Brien in December

* Nobel winner: DNA performs quantum teleportation
* Time-lapse photography from Arctic and Antarctic
* 2010 set record for global average precipitation
* More than 1,000,000 US home foreclosures in 2010
* Lockheed Martin working with TSA, IRS, US Census

* 34,000 year old organisms discovered buried alive
* The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas is abusing dolphins
* Brezsny on the change in position of Zodiac signs
* Adobe to offer users control of Flash supercookies
* Verizon LTE iPhone expected in second half of 2011


  January 12, 2011

* Thunderstorms are launching anti-matter into space
* Bones can reveal person's approximate age at death
* Wikipedia list of common or popular misconceptions
* Julian Assange extradition hearing on February 7,8
* Yemen's president claimed credit for US air strikes

* Former US House majority leader Tom Delay sentenced
* The role of Congress is to "serve" the corporations
* Henry Rollins addresses shooting in Tucson, Arizona
* Right to "Freedom of Speech" without responsibility
* Former TV news anchor Wendy Tokuda uses weed wrench

* Banksy talks about Exit Through The Gift Shop [2010]


  January 9, 2011

* Twitter opposes court order for Wikileaks details
* Suggestive summer ad by Giffords election opponent
* Coriolis Effect on winds, currents and pedestrians
* Ad: Windows gives me the family nature never could
* Leonid Parfyonov's speech to Russian TV executives



  January 8, 2011

* Gunned down Congresswoman commented on target imagery
* Studies purporting to show evidence for precognition
* Aversion to the feeling of licking a popsicle stick
* Lady Gaga glasses have camera and two video screens
* Verizon iPhone expected to be available February 3

* New collection of recordings by singer Sandy Denny
* US wants Twitter data of foreign Wikileaks backers
* NIST to define standards for electroshock weapons
* BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig lacked alarm systems
* Ethnic group family portraits from China & Taiwan

  January 7, 2011

* Subprime magnate Denny Sanford's 59.9% credit card
* Free market industries sell United States to China
* Two Republican Senators miss swearing-in ceremonies
* How I gave up spatulas and learned to embrace pain
* Muslims serve as "human shields" at Christian mass

  January 6, 2011

* Roger Ebert responds to Huckleberry Finn censorship
* Boston Herald sports writer comes out of the closet
* Most of US Constitution recited on the House floor
* Wall Street flips public service workers the bird
* Italy first nation to ban plastic bags nationwide

  January 5, 2011

* Steve Allen on unfavorable reviews of Lenny Bruce
* UK Journal: retracted 1998 autism study a "fraud"
* Dems press GOP on accepting government healthcare
* Russ Feingold now visiting professor at Marquette
* US agencies would ferret out disgruntled workers


  January 4, 2011

* San Francisco will host 2013 America's Cup races
* US would revoke Sea Shepherd's non-profit status
* Cops can search arrestees phones without warrant
* Disinformation that led to First Gulf War: video
* "Watchdog press" ingests and trumpets propaganda

* Ungrateful Americans want Congress to tax the rich
* Is Hiromi Uehara the world's best pianist? videos
* 1961 letter from Timothy Leary to Thelonious Monk
* Mechanical heart pump leaves Cheney with no pulse
* Pre-1978 copyright would've released these books

* 1927 Gertrude Stein & Alice B. Toklas home movie


  January 2, 2011

* Why most published research findings are false
* 2000 websites now have all Wikileaks documents
* Satellite pics of polar ice cap in 2000 & 2010
* Bible scholar: the world will not end in 2012
* Five days of spelunking beneath New York City

  January 1, 2011

* US would retaliate against nations resisting GMO's
* Neuroplasticity brain's capacity to create pathways
* Transition by people who were once socially awkward
* Dolphins think of future; have strong sense of self
* David Byrne a minister of the Universal Life Church


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