March 31, 2011

* Rand Paul mocks Fox News debate over how to report war
* Wisconsin Republicans would censor video they released
* Pre-emptive suit vs. Monsanto on behalf of 60 farmers
* Photographic study of bureaucrats in eight countries
* Lives are spent trying to pixellate a fractal planet

* Solution to decade old Pioneer acceleration anomaly
* Meteors caused currugation of rings around planets
* Britian would begin privatizing prisons in October
* Letter from 18 year old later known as Syd Barrett
* Immersion baptism in vintage music and photography


  March 30, 2011

* 360-degree panorama view of Prague's Boroque library
* 45% of Portugal's electricity from renewable sources
* Redmond O'Hanlon: veteran of near-impossible quests
* Wisconsin GOP Congressman struggles on $174k salary
* Fox exec: Obama socialism "mischievous speculation"


  March 29, 2011

* Lula da Silva more popular at end of second term
* Annexation may follow UN recognition of Palestine
* Indiana legislature considered privatizing schools
* Paul Baran, inventor of packet switching, has died
* AMC wants product placements in Mad Men 5th season

* 1st century lead codices may have Christian origin
* Claims of US citizenship by Trump & Obama compared
* Anil Dash consults expert on dangers of radiation
* First ever image from orbit around planet Mercury
* Palin wonders aloud if Libyan war is "squirmish"


  March 27, 2011

* Canadian election planned after no-confidence vote
* Account of yesterday's protest at Trafalgar Square
* Anti-Union bill published despite restraining order
* NATO assumes control of aerial bombardment in Libya
* Lady Gaga releases country version of Born This Way


  March 24, 2011

* The Internet of Things: "50 billion connected devices"
* United States motto changed to In God We Trust in 1955
* American Family Association on Islam & First Amendment
* Proposed global settlement for mortgage servicer fraud
* In 1800 many people thought immorality caused insanity

* Harvey Pekar adapted Studs Terkel oral history Working
* Book covers enhance reading experience [1902-84] [via]
* Bonds "never knew" his trainer was giving him steroids
* Palin says she is done whining about the media [video]
* Yemen suppressed northern Houthi rebellion for 7 years

  March 23, 2011

* Saudis want quick & smooth transition of power in Yemen
* Law punishes references to Palestinian exodus as "Nakba"
* Canadian fighter pilots avoid collateral damage in Libya
* Maine Governor LePage orders removal of Labor Dept mural
* Lawrence O'Donnell on Beck's "biblical literalist piety"

* GOP bill to put "In God We Trust" on all gov't buildings
* Elizabeth Taylor dead at 79; Photographed in Iran [1976]
* Apple takes down "Gay Cure" app in response to petition
* Method for hybrid computer chips of silicon and neurons
* Karl Rove now supports transparency and accountability

* Time lapse video of Aurora Borealis by Terje Sorgjerd


  March 22, 2011

* Leaked cables show US bribed lawmakers in India in 1998
* Conservative Democrat votes quick exit from Afghanistan
* Black Muslim Bakery owner on trial for writer's murder
* Repurposed next generation NASA Orion vehicle unveiled
* SJ Mercury profiles powerchair soccer coach Chris Finn

* Dalia Lama believes in separation of religion & state

  March 21, 2011

* What war in Libya says about neocon-liberal alliance
* Top Yemeni general switches sides, president isolated
* Afghanistan "kill team" posed with murdered civilians
* Gov. Walker helped Sen. Hopper's girlfriend get a job
* Origins & pictures of the golden age of gas stations

* Most of radiation leak due to bid to protect assets
* Appellate court allows challenge to FISA Amendments
* Biology's "dark matter" hints fourth domain of life
* Account of 1967 death of cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov
* Earth's orientation to the sun changes year to year

* Matthew Baldwin's autistic son turned 7 February 23


  March 20, 2011

* Quantico "threat advisory" regarding Manning protest
* Comic Stephen Colbert teaches Catholic Sunday school
* Argo Challenge Americas Cup team of disabled sailors
* Challenger crew died when crew module hit the water
* Live police radio in LA, NY, SF, Chicago, Montreal

* No communiques on Bahrain and Yemen by Arab League

  March 19, 2011

* Western militaries would support Libyan revolution
* Police doing drive by shootings in Bahrain [video]
* Est. 60% turnout for vote on Egyptian constitution
* Profile of Tim Wu; coined the term "Net Neutrality"
* Top-level domain .xxx approved after long campaign

* First full moon at perigee since 1993 [356,577 km]
* Tiny towns in Maine enact "food sovereignty laws"
* NPR misleadingly edited misleadingly edited video
* Netflix buys original drama starring Kevin Spacey
* History of film & television title design [video]

* Animation by Salvador Dali and Walt Disney [video]



  March 18, 2011

* Judge blocks union-busting bill on procedural grounds
* Government snipers kill demonstrators in Sanaa, Yemen
* Wikileaks: Fukushima inspections falsified for profit
* O'Reilly guest: "radiation is actually good for you"
* NASA probe first to enter into orbit around Mercury


  March 17, 2011

* US Military Facebook & Twitter sock puppet accounts
* Corporations: emergency planning not cost effective
* Emergency session of Congress to defund NPR [video]
* Ex-Goldman Sachs banker afraid of Elizabeth Warren
* No-fly zone over Libya permits airstrikes on tanks


  March 16, 2011

* Fukushima's "spent" fuel rods repeatedly catch fire
* Tutorial on the functioning of nuclear power plants
* Firemen withdraw $192k in cash from bank in Madison
* Target of Wisconsin recall effort releases radio ad
* Michigan law would allow voiding of union contracts

* Obama won 78% of Jewish vote; should visit Jerusalem
* Koch Brothers hired PR firm to edit Wikipedia [video]
* Coverage of Michelle Bachmann error shows media bias
* Cato Institute: neoconservatism pushing soft fascism
* Pepsi introduces bottles made of 100% plant material

* New species may emerge from Chernobyl irradiated eden
* Suicide rate down after iPhone factory installed nets
* Modigliani the quintessential self-destroying artist
* Security forces in Bahrain shoot people point blank
* X-ray machine from 1896 compared to modern version

* CNN on cruel and unusual punishment of Brad Manning
* Constitutional amendment to define "natural person"
* 18th century engraving of New Zealand native [via]
* Need non-corporate Wikiwitness for conflict images
* GE Mark 1 Reactor wasn't designed for an emergency


  March 15, 2011

* Prosperous German economy is based on manufacturing
* Saudi Arabia sends troops to quell Shias in Bahrain
* Former Clinton spokesman Crowley's father was a POW
* Governor forbids announcement of Ohio's budget plan
* 45% of signatures collected for recall in Wisconsin

* Israel urges cancelation of film premiere at the UN
* Fox News repeats "Muslim ban on padded bras" story
* Silicon Valley legislator comments domain siezures
* Private corporation regulates all Internet domains
* Verizon LTE only technology that comes close to 4G

* Lawrence Lessig to speak at UC Berkeley March 16th

  March 13, 2011

* Est. 100,000 people at Wisconsin Capitol yesterday
* Clinton spokesman out after comments about Manning
* Glenn Beck editor reviews raw video of NPR expose
* Coal plants emit 100x more radiation than nuclear
* Fukushima Dai-ichi containment building explodes

* Owsley Stanley died in a car crash in Australia
* McCain campaign manager comments choice of Palin
* 31 member Libyan National Council would take over
* AMA would restrict personal access to genetic info
* Republican presidential candidates avoid publicity


  March 12, 2011

* Huge explosion beneath sunspot prior to earthquake
* 1980 speech by Reagan in support on unions [video]
* Health risks associated with Daylight Savings Time
* Five US cities offer opt-out for postal junk mail
* Groupon becomes fastest growing Web company ever


  March 11, 2011

* Cooling systems failed at Japanese nuclear reactors
* Tsunami follows strong earthquake near Sendai Japan
* High-rise buildings sway during earthquake in Japan
* Japan's warning system gave Tokyo 30 seconds notice
* Rep. Gabrielle Giffords would attend shuttle launch

* Survey of references by newspapers to waterboarding
* Jon Stewart: Obama's dream of closing Gitmo is dead
* Clinton spokesman criticizes Brad Manning detention
* 4chan founder is young and surprisingly presentable
* NFL players decertify union, seek to prevent lockout


  March 10, 2011

* Quorum not required to end collective bargaining
* GOP goal is to cut government, not reduce deficit
* New "decorum" rules released for Wisconsin capitol
* People don't know when they're lying to themselves
* Dalai Lama to retire as political leader of exiles


  March 9, 2011

* NPR "appalled" at comments by Foundation president
* Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker proposes compromise
* Daniel Craig dons drag for International Womens Day
* Large cave detected on moon could protect astronauts
* Covers of Psychoanalysis comics c. 1955, volumes 1-4


  March 8, 2011

* Quorum-busting Wisconsin Democrats remain united
* Glenn Beck syndicator hires actors to call shows
* NH GOP pushes law to prevent students from voting
* WTC 9-11 attack seen from NYPD helicopter [video]
* Planet Earth documentary chapters [YouTube 1080p]


  March 6, 2011

* "Government of Canada" renamed "Harper Government"
* Whistleblower: ATF tracks guns smuggled to Mexico
* NASA scientist finds extraterrestrial microbes
* Icelandic MP Birgitta Jonsdottir leaves Wikileaks
* NSFW 1898 images of Toulouse-Lautrec at Le Crotoy

* Prototype US Air Force miniature shuttle lift off
* 20 lies told by Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker
* Increase in labor organizing in wake of Wisconsin
* TL;DR minutae of rapidly declining attention span
* Congrats to my friend Feng on birth of son George


  March 5, 2011

* Equity firms plan takeover of California libraries
* TSA wants to charge fee for extra carry-on luggage
* Congress renews $13B in unwanted Pentagon programs
* al Jazeera publishes negative news of home country
* Images of the Libyan civil war [AP, Reuters, Getty]

* Bradley Manning subject to forced nudity every day
* Month since Congressman requested access to Manning
* Michael Moore: Wisconsin not broke; US awash in cash
* Banksy bailed out members of Russian art group Voina
* Color images of Shackleton 1914 Antarctic expedition


  March 4, 2011

* Caracus skyscraper houses more than 2,500 squatters
* Manning faces capital offense of "aiding the enemy"
* L.A. Chamber of Commerce backs Brown's budget plan
* Panama Canal expansion to double capacity by 2014
* Kids should sleep with parents until they're five


  March 2, 2011

* Supreme Court rules against privacy for corporations
* Wisconsin fiscal deficit equals corporate tax breaks
* "Union thug" videos popular on Right Wing news sites
* Congressional Democrats want investigation of HBGary
* People with full bladders better at making decisions

  March 1, 2011

* Connecticut bill would recognize right to record cops
* US Rep. Rush Holt [D-NJ] defeats "Watson" at Jeopardy
* Canadian regulators reject permit for misleading news

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