May 31, 2011

* archive and other internal links offline
* SFMOMA exhibiting Matisse, Picasso, Cezanne, Bonnard
* Reversible vasectomy uses polymer; invented in India
* ISS occupants may wake inside carbon dioxide bubble
* MIT analysis of anonymity and ephemerality at 4chan

* Early monuments near supposed birthplace of Abraham
* Cory Doctorow: "every pirate wants to be an admiral"
* "LulzSec" hacks after TV report on Wikileaks
* Tea Party tips for discussing Medicare at town halls
* Tea Party paid Supreme Court Justice's wife $150,000

* Six Wisconsin GOP Senators to face recall elections
* Palin mystery tour game requires investigative work
* Tor onion routing software developed by the US Navy
* Landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted's lessons
* Time lapse video of night sky shows Earth rotating


  May 30, 2011

* Memorial Day first observed by freed slaves in 1865
* Sen. Wyden on secret interpretations of Patriot Act

  May 29, 2011

* Bluesologist Gil Scott-Heron died May 27 at age 62
* Funerals of Joao Claudio Ribeiro da Silva and wife

  May 26, 2011

* Technical difficulties; I'll be posting again soon


  May 23, 2011

* Wisconsin Senate recall elections expected on July 12
* Jon Huntsman of Utah may seek presidential nomination
* NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake appears on 60 Minutes
* "Fox News made a circus out of the Republican Party"
* SCOTUS upholds order to release 1000's of prisoners

* In 2008 George Bush advocated 1949 border for Israel
* Large pictures from protests in Madrid and Barcelona
* Environmental Traveling Companions River Camp photos
* Switzerland suspends approval of new nuclear plants
* Cyrus Cylinder: ancient declaration of human rights

  May 22, 2011

* Netanyahu, right wing mischaracterize Obama speech
* CEO-turned governor compares citizens to employees
* Senate may vote on Medicare privatization next week
* Ohio referendum to repeal anti-union law in November
* John Lithgow performs Gingrich press release verbatim


  May 21, 2011

* Gov. Pawlenty explains why he wants to be president
* Bradlee Dean leads prayer for Minnesota legislature
* Santos Reyes in prison for cheating on drivers test
* Paddy Chayefsky's notes for 1976 screenplay Network
* Camper Van Beethoven song used in Target commercial


  May 20, 2011

* Madrid protest began May 15; dubbed "15-M movement"
* The super rich finance government by lending money
* California may ban credit checks on job applicants
* Subsidies don't decrease dependence on foreign oil
* Republicans ban amateur video at townhall meetings


  May 19, 2011

* Private prisons cost more despite choice of inmates
* Budget would impact current Medicare beneficiaries
* NY Review of Books: in praise of public libraries
* MPAA wants warrantless searches of DVD factories
* Lennon letter to NY Times on airline stationary

* Obama calls for Israel's return to 1967 border
* Bibi scheduled to address US Congress May 24th
* Egypt rejected immunity deal for Hosni Mubarak
* Harriet Miers registered lobbyist for Pakistan
* Corporate risk-taking cost miners their lives


  May 18, 2011

* Atmosphere above Japan hotter in days before quake
* Gov. Walker would ban hospital visitation for gays
* Activists confront JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon
* Bill Moyers reflects on interview with Howard Zinn
* Philippine president willing to be excommunicated

* Riot cops surround protestors in Madrid [Manifesto]
* Secret Service apologizes for tweet critical of Fox
* Catholic study blames sex abuse on "Summer of Love"
* "Hurricane" Carter's conviction overturned in 1985
* O'Reilly: "Common is different than Dylan or Bono"


  May 17, 2011

* Jon Stewart illustrates "selective outrage machine"
* NSA used Bill Binney's ThinThread code to break law
* Thomas Drake indicted under the 1917 Espionage Act
* Warrantless search OK when police smell pot smoke
* Stephen Colbert submits FEC request for Super PAC

* Boot Linux OS in Chrome 11 and Firefox 4 browsers
* Netflix tops Bittorrent with most US data traffic
* Photos of chairs used by officials in Afghanistan
* Cornel West as Barack Obama's silenced conscience
* US Marshal Service to auction Unabomber artifacts


  May 16, 2011

* Sinatra hosted 1961 benefit for Martin Luther King
* Huckabee announces 2012 plans on his Fox News show
* Franken sponsors bill to prohibit links to websites
* GOP governors: reduce penalties for nonviolent crime
* Ron Paul would've voted against 1964 Civil Rights Act

* Canada secretly participated in 2003 invasion of Iraq
* SCOTUS: crimes officially protected by state secrets
* Murray Howe's photographs of Moscow circa 1909 [via]
* Bitcoin virtual currency untraceable and un-hackable
* Profile of information design theorist Edward Tufte


  May 15, 2011


  May 12, 2011

* New Hampshire governor vetoes "right to work" bill
* Delaware governor signs same-sex civil unions bill
* Vote suppression bill passes Assembly in Wisconsin
* Fox News double standard regarding violent rhetoric
* Pentagon Papers will be officially released in June

* Rand Paul equates right to health care with slavery
* FBI: stigma of wiretapping could harm corporations
* Jon Hamm sat behind Trump at Correspondents Dinner
* Film about the last night at Chinatown Fair Arcade
* "They warned me Satan would be attractive" [video]

  May 11, 2011

* Encephalartos woodii world's most isolated organism
* African Grey Parrot Alex understood concept of zero
* Pirate Bay: "battle of internets is about to begin"
* GOP freshmen send letter to Obama about "Mediscare"
* Palin worked with Democrats before call from McCain

* FCC commissioner joins Comcast after backing merger
* Judge blocks enforcement of immigration law in Utah
* Samoan Prime Minister moves International Date Line
* Didactic: the forty literary terms you should know
* Machine shuts itself off after activation [video]


  May 10, 2011

* Sen. Chuck Schumer proposes Amtrak "do not ride" list
* Film about Scientology to star Philip Seymour Hoffman
* Koch Industries loses lawsuit over mock press release
* Koch Brothers buy Florida State Economics Department
* Welfare recipients would pay for mandated drug tests

* Stephen Hawking answers question about ALS disability
* Secession of Baja Arizona on the November 2012 ballot
* Outrage over doll that lets little girls "breastfeed"
* US Library of Congress places rare recordings online
* 1971 letter from Dr. Seuss to young library patrons

* Doctors dismiss Morgellons disease as "mass hysteria"
* Presbyterian church approves non-celibate gay clergy
* Blues musician Robert Johnson was born May 8th, 1911
* First aerial bombing was over Libya in November 1911
* "This war is trivial", said Bertrand Russell in 1914

  May 9, 2011

* Sen. Alan Simpson calls Social Security ponzi scheme
* Republicans criticize National Labor Relations Board
* Egypt's Wahhabist Salafis escalate household dispute
* Horror writer HP Lovecraft believed in racial purity
* French museum returns ancient mummified Maori's head

  May 8, 2011

* California single-payer bill passes out of committee
* Annette Kellerman arrested in a bathing suit in 1908
* Policeman Michael Sanguinetti's legacy of SlutWalks
* Bill Nye booed for saying the moon reflects the sun
* ALS researcher Dr. Richard Olney to die soon of ALS

  May 7, 2011

* Climber reaches 3G network from atop Mt Everest
* NY Times profile of California Gov. Jerry Brown
* Building rapport is more effective than torture
* Orson Welles once shared an elevotor with Hearst
* Kiev feminists go topless to protest sex tourism

  May 6, 2011

* Obama to force disclosure after Citizens United
* Washington Post profile of Pfc. Bradley Manning
* Gov. Walker declares "employee recognition day"
* Allies of Iranian president accused of sorcery
* Greek government reportedly may leave Eurozone


  May 4, 2011

* 50th anniversary of Freedom Rides organized by CORE
* Congressman John Lewis participated in Freedom Ride
* Trump switched political party affiliation in 2009
* John Ashcroft in charge of "ethics" at Xe Services
* EU would reverse Schengen, reinstate border checks

* Oakland Children's Hospital Nurses to begin strike
* Rachel Maddow talks with Jon Stewart on Daily Show
* Facebook, Google, Yahoo are used to build dossiers
* "It Gets Better" Google Chrome TV spot during Glee


  May 3, 2011

* Summary of al Qaeda strategy toward the United States
* "Enhanced" interrogation didn't help locate bin Laden
* Bush not interested in finding bin Laden [2002 video]
* Misattributed quotations in wake of bin Laden's death
* Map, diagram and pictures of bin Laden Abbottabad site

* Leaked doc may have forced US to hasten bin Laden raid
* NDP replace Liberals as main Canadian opposition party
* Judge rules that IP address does not point to a person
* Sen. John Ensign's colleagues skip his farewell speech
* Simon Schubert illustrates by folding & creasing paper


  May 2, 2011

* 2011 Powerchair Soccer World Cup in Paris November 2-6
* US morally, financially bunkrupted by reaction to 9/11

  May 1, 2011

* Christiania's 900 residents plan to purchase buildings
* Fund wars, cut taxes, then blame deficits on socialism


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