February 29, 2012

* DHS report: "Special Coverage: Occupy Wall Street" [October 2011]
* Merging of US media and military establishment brings endless war
* Federal court rules Arizona law violates day laborers free speech
* AAAS meeting is largest science conference in Western Hemisphere
* Story behind Neil Young & Crazy Horse busking in Glasgow [1976]

  February 27, 2012

* Wikileaks: bin Laden was in regular contact with Pakistan spy sgency
* White House helped pay for NYPD surveillence of Muslim neighborhoods
* Gov. Scott Walker: expensive recall election hurts children, seniors
* Personal life of Congressional candidate Arizona sheriff Paul Babeu
* How to synthesize Pseudoephedrine [Sudafed] from N-Methylamphetimi

  February 26, 2012

* Anti-Putin protesters form ten mile human chain in central Moscow
* Santorum once defended labor unions, gays in military, art funding
* 71% of US residents thought Iran had nuclear bomb in February 2010
* US teen atheists sent to camps; subject to confinement, starvation
* Bruce Schneier warns of threat from Apple, Google "feudal security"


  February 25, 2012

* Former prisoner & South African leader Nelson Mandela in hospital
* European Neanderthals were nearing extinction when humans arrived
* Figurative petroglyph is perhaps oldest yet found in the Americas
* Augmented reality Google Goggles expected on the market this year
* Gmail account used to expose plans of anti-climate science group

* UK parliament passes onerous Digital Economy Act without debate


  February 24, 2012

* Putty heals complex fractures that otherwise lead to amputation
* Montana ACLU amicus brief differs from brief by national office
* Ron Paul's delegate strategy taking advantage of complex rules
* Lack of cooperation led to closure of Irish embassy at Vatican
* US University researchers declare cetaceans non-human persons

  February 20, 2012

* Fresh air from open windows could prevent infections in hospitals
* Presidential candidate Ron Paul: US "slipping into fascist system"
* Man sues Catholic church for refusing to remove record of baptism
* Henry Miller wrote a preface for Jack Kerouac's The Subterraneans
* Samsung Galaxy Note: device blurs line between smartphone & tablet


  February 18, 2012

* Bisphenol-A among many endocrine disruptors used in everyday items
* AT&T lobbyists pushing for option to end basic service in Kentucky
* Large increase in surveillance by Australian cops without warrants
* Dick Cheney urging Maryland lawmakers to support marriage equality
* US Supreme Court blocks Montana Supreme Court on campaign finance


  February 15, 2012

* Bulgaria & Netherlands table secretive ACTA int'l copyright treaty
* Roger Ailes "course correction" distances Fox News from Tea Party
* Influence of Israeli training on law enforcement vis a vis Occupy
* Correlation between exposure to pollution & dementia, memory loss
* Video & NYT profile of psychedelic truffle eater Hamilton Morris


  February 13, 2012

* Stephen Harper's response to US rejection of Keystone XL pipeline
* Interview with London mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone: excerpts
* Jury concludes UC Berkeley cop did not violate protester's rights
* Baltimore police find a way around ban on arresting videographers
* Liz Trotta comments on Pentagon rules for women serving in combat

* Canadian parliament would end need for warrant for online spying
* US House Republican leadership agrees not to raise payroll taxes
* NM legislature supports US amendment to overturn Citizens United
* "Militarism, enslavement and race war" in books of Old Testament
* Telegram from Steinbeck after he penned screenplay for Hitchcock


  February 12, 2012

* Interpol facilitates deportation of Saudi journalist for apostasy
* Senior journalists arrested at Rupert Murdoch's The Sun newspaper
* Guatamalan President proposes legalizing drugs in Central America
* Photos of protesters & police outside Greek parliament in Athens
* Reddit banning subreddits of suggestive content featuring minors


  February 11, 2012

* Terms of February 9th foreclosure fraud settlement not released
* Germany not signing ACTA international anti-file sharing treaty
* File sharing now unstoppable? Tribler network can't be shut down
* UK minister: website blocking for copyright enforcement imminent
* Quinn Norton's first person account of police raid on Occupy DC

* Portraits of anti-Putin protesters in Bolotnaya Square in Moscow
* Boycott magazines, books, CDs, DVDs & cinemas during Black March
* STOCK Act passes US House as Bachus insider trading probe begins
* Conservative comedian Brad Stine closes out day one of CPAC 2012
* Warren Hellman public celebration February 19th near Ocean Beach

* Robot readable world [found footage from machine-vision testing]


  February 9, 2012

* Freedom Chair [2011] shows first ever back flip on sit ski [video]
* "John Doe" grand jury probe haunts Gov. Walker [May 2010-Present]
* Strike in Israel affects banks, hospitals, trains, stock exchange
* Anonymous hacks email accounts of Syriann president Bashar Assad
* Charlotte Church won't accept pre-trial deal in UK phone hacking


  February 7, 2012

* Federal court upholds ruling for same-sex marriage in California
* Manning nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Icelandic legislators
* Ex-Komen official: Planned Parenthood is political but we aren't
* Orchestra of world's tiniest violins for emasculated Wall Street
* Romania's prime minister doesn't know why he signed ACTA treaty

* Occupy Port Townsend shuts Bank of America drive through [video]


  February 5, 2012

* German government endorses Chrome as most secure web browser
* Super PACs report fundraising to Federal Election Commission
* Nye Lavell began documenting foreclosure fraud in mid 1990's
* Board of directors of Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation
* Recording of May 1961 Malcolm X speech in Rhode Island found

* Siberian Altians & Native Americans share a common ancestor


  February 4, 2012

* Occupy Oakland activists report inhumane conditions in jails
* Gasland director talks about arrest at Congressional hearing
* Elected officials that become lobbyists should lose benefits
* Private charity has right to dispose of money as it sees fit
* Three Louisiana Girl Scouts quit over transgender membership

* Senator praises US ambassador for remarks on "Soviet Russia"
* Russia & China veto UN resolution calling for Assad to quit
* US threatens sanctions if Sweden won't prosecute Pirate Bay
* Countrywide protests in Sweden against ACTA anti-piracy law
* Top elections official in Indiana convicted of voter fraud


  February 3, 2012

* Colbert winning battle against Supreme Court & Citizens United
* Credentialed press denied access to film Congressional hearing
* ACLU seeks White House docs justifying drone strike on Awlaki
* Komen: disqualifying investigations are criminal & conclusive
* Romney concerned about 90-95% of Americans who are struggling

* Anonymous releases audio of FBI-Scotland Yard conference call
* Pirate Bay founders' prison sentences upheld by Supreme Court
* Poland freezes ACTA ratification after off-and-online protest
* Slovenian ambassador apologizes to citizens for signing ACTA
* Obama would bypass Senate ratification of secret ACTA treaty

* New York attorney general sues three big banks for using MERS
* List of people banned from flying in the US doubled last year
* Prosecutors end investigation of Lance Armstrong; no charges
* Short film El Wingador by Errol Morris on competitive eating
* Bon Iver turns down gig at the Grammys over artistic control


  February 1, 2012

* US military and police departments conducting joint exercises
* More than 400 anti-Wall Street protesters arrested in Oakland
* Civil war breaking out in Syria; Russia trying to broker deal
* McDonald's restaurants stop adding ammonium hydroxide to meat
* Like alcohol & tobacco, sugar is a toxic, addictive substance

* NASA Ebb Orbiter returns first video from far side of the moon


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