January 29, 2012

* Big organic food distributors give up 12 year battle with Monsanto
* DoJ enforcing Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act in Texas
* NSFW pictures of FEMEN protesters at World Economic Forum in Davos
* Building where TBL invented the Web is in France, not Switzerland
* Rights group obtains copyright holders demands on search engines


  January 28, 2012

* Enemy Expatriation Act would remove citizenship without due process
* Railroad Assoc. refutes TSA memo alleging hackers disrupted signals
* 22 EU members signed trans-national ACTA treaty in Tokyo January 26
* Aboriginal tent embassy near Parliament House in Canberra Australia
* Twitter's country-specific censorship tool prompts today's boycott

* Bill would alter California involvement in ICE fingerprint program
* Independent investigator "looking into" police actions last October
* Motion Picture Association is "not comfortable" with the Internet


  January 26, 2012

* Protesters in Egypt marched on anniversary of January 25 revolution
* Occupy makes demands ahead of G8 and NATO meeting May 19 in Chicago
* JPMorgan Chase CEO: anti-bank sentiment is a form of discrimination
* Freshwater gyre in Arctic Ocean could break ice and accelerate melt
* New album by Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood available March 13

* Stephen Colbert interview with author & illustrator Maurice Sendak
* Crackdown on Tibetan protest escalates; self-immolations continue
* 1972 law requires sterilization for transgender people in Sweden
* New Righthaven to offer webhosting "with a spine" in Switzerland
* 200 photographs of the streets & subways of 1980's New York City

* Fed Reserve vows zero percent federal funds rate until late 2014


  January 23, 2012

* US Supreme Court rules police GPS installation constitutes "search"
* Israel: Iran has no nuclear bomb program; "existential threat" gone
* Dog skull dated to 33,000 years; domestication in several locations
* International organization to assess our defense from space dangers
* Indonesian man faces five years prison for atheist post on Facebook

  January 22, 2012

* Egyptian parliament 47% Muslim Brotherhood, 25% ultraconservative
* Letter to the Internet from Sen. Wyden who put hold on PIPA bill
* Rep. Gabrielle Giffords to resign from Congress this coming week
* Microsoft supports gay marriage legalization in Washington state
* Teenage sailor Laura Dekker completes solo world circumnavigation

  January 19, 2012

* Father of the web Sir Tim Berners-Lee comments on SOPA and PIPA
* Ron Paul proposes bill to repeal indefinite detention provision
* Developer of first hand-held camera, Kodak files for bankruptcy
* Roger Waters spent an hour talking with Howard Stern January 18
* Disneyland Monorail operating procedures and story guide [1966]

* US State Department's reasons for rejecting Keystone XL pipeline
* Conservative creed "some are fit, and thus ought, to rule others"
* Mexican American Studies program suspended at Tucson high schools
* Hollywood studios built on circumvention of intellectual property
* Letter from Douglas Adams to film producer at Walt Disney [1999]

  January 18, 2012

* Screenshots of SOPA/PIPA Blackout Day at Google, Wikipedia, Wired
* Root cause of SOPA/PIPA is corrupting influence of $$ in Congress
* MPAA/RIAA vs. Google, Wikipedia, Firefox, Flickr, Wordpress & EFF
* Clay Shirky defends our freedom to share [why SOPA is a bad idea]
* US Supreme Court upholds removal of works from the public domain


  January 17, 2012

* SOPA sponsor Lamar Smith intends to continue markup in February
* Journalist Chris Hedges sues Obama & Secretary Panetta over NDAA
* 500 protesters travel to Washingtom DC for Occupy Congress event
* 1,000,000 signatures submitted to put recall on Wisconsin ballot
* Sponsor of Georgia welfare drug test bill arrested drunk driving


  January 16, 2012

* DHS using military contractor to monitor social media for dissent
* North Carolina Tea Party: SOPA & PIPA to destroy Internet freedom
* Wikipedia, Boing Boing, Reddit go dark January 18 to protest SOPA
* False flag operations by Israel lead to terrorist attacks in Iran
* OK to waterboard live Taliban fighter, not OK to piss on dead one

* Man released from Guantanamo after seven years without accusation
* Brass Liberation Orchestra's Lauren Montana is in jail [via MeFi]
* Elizabeth Warren & Scott Brown would agree to ban SuperPAC TV ads
* Best of 2,400 amateur videos that portray high speed animal flight
* Berkeley bio-diesel users notified to expect freezing temperatures

* Tanya Rosenblit refuses to move to back of the bus bound for Zion


  January 13, 2012

* Canadian justice minister declares all same-sex marriages legal
* The Pirate Bay to replace torrent files with "magnets" in 30 days
* SOPA bill sponsor to remove Domain Name System blocking provision
* Co-sponsor of Protect Intellectual Property Act: bill needs study
* Author of V for Vendetta & Watchmen, Alan Moore visits Occupy LSX

* New rules for people in Zuccotti Park after removal of barricades
* Occupy Wall Street pictures after January 10 removal of barricades
* Oakland police officer Hargraves suspended for covering name badge
* Justice Dept asks federal court to protect right to record police
* Girl Scout launches cookie boycott after transgender kid admitted


  January 12, 2012

* Reddit founder to address US Congress at SOPA hearing January 18
* Arizona sold Capitol, would buy it back before 100th anniversary
* Republican Congressmen angry about debt ceiling they agreed upon
* Associates of voter fraud investigator may face criminal charges
* Alone among developed nations Iceland didn't socialize bank debt


  January 10, 2012

* Australia reminds Japanese whalers to avoid territorial waters
* How the US pressured Spain to adopt unpopular web blocking law
* Citizens United allows casino to give $5M to Gingrich campaign
* Schneier on Transportation Security Administration 2011 report
* Solo explorer riding to South Pole on specially designed bike


  January 7, 2012

* Chile backs off plan to remove "dictatorship" from school textbooks
* Sponsor of SOPA Rep. Lamar Smith responds to bi-partisan opposition
* Judge Rakoff ruling leads SEC to drop no-fault settlement language
* The psychology of "ruin porn"; photography of abandoned buildings
* Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop arrested in Madison, Wisconsin


  January 5, 2012

* Mitt Romney's top donor Goldman Sachs, Ron Paul's top donor US Army
* William Cohan: psychopaths took over Wall Street late last century
* Emails show Bush-era "gun walking" was not coordinated with Mexico
* Oil industry's top lobbyist warns Obama over Keystome XL pipeline
* List of websites monitored by US Department of Homeland Security

* Debbie Cook's New Year polemic emailed to 12,000 Scientologists
* Sweden recognizes file-sharing Church of Kopimism as a religion
* New York City Council resolution opposing corporate personhood
* US founding fathers tried growing hemp on their Virginia farms
* PayPal requires buyer to destroy violin before getting refund

* No December snow in Reno, Nevada for first time in 128 years

  January 2, 2012

* US earns more from assets abroad than it pays to foreign investors
* Associated Press: Occupy Wall Street protesters follow Rose Parade
* Elsevier, publisher of fake scientific journals supports SOPA bill
* Wisconsin prosecutor would re-open lawsuit against anti-union law
* Fracking linked to earthquakes; Ohio Gov. John Kasich shuts wells

* What seemed like Richard Stallman's paranoid what-ifs now reality
* Cheap tricks to reduce and monitor the data stream on smartphones
* Multiverse theory doesn't require fundamental causes & principles
* RIP George Whitman of Paris Shakespeare and Co. bookstore commune
* Fishing beneath ice that covers Finland's Lake Saarijarvi [video]


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