November 9, 2012


  October 30, 2012

* Over 8 million households without electric power in 17 US states
* SCOTUS hears Kirtsaeng v. Wiley challenge to first sale doctrine
* Supreme Court rejects appeal in Oklahoma "fetal personhood" case
* Obama executive order after Senate report on DHS "fusion centers"
* Stock Exchange closed two days for weather; first time since 1888

* Entire New York subway closed after being flooded with salt water
* Hurricane Sandy as seen from International Space Station [video]
* Bank of England senior official praises role of Occupy Movement
* Journalist arrested in Greece for list of Swiss account holders
* Unmanned Dragon space capsule leaves ISS for Pacific splashdown

  October 29, 2012

* DHS Secretary Nepolitano lacks an understanding of geek culture

  October 28, 2012

* New Yorker Magazine on the myth of voter fraud in the United States
* Still obscure Stingray warrantless tracker simulates cellphone tower
* Condoleezza Rice addresses attempt to politicize attack on US embassy
* Chrysler rebuts Mitt Romney's claim of Jeep production moving to China
* New York Times site blocked in China after report on Premier's wealth

* Deforestation reveals precise octagon & oval geoglyphs in the Amazon
* Long due rehabilitation of 1930's anti-Nazi youth Edelweiss Pirates
* Anonymous' Wikileaks-like project "Tyler" would launch in December
* Consumer confidence rose more for Clinton & Obama than for Reagan
* Ben Stein tells Fox & Friends he backs higher tax on $2M+ income

There are many reasons why people would want a fake ID, but the most common one is to drink alcohol or purchase cigarettes.
* History of the gestural graphic interface since the early 1960's
* In 1969 Bukowski quit his job for offer of $100/month for life



  October 23, 2012

* Temporary workers file suit against Walmart & two staffing agencies
* Scholars on brink of decoding 5,000 year old proto-Elamite writing
* Well known liberals & conservatives support marijuana legalization
* Former American Indian Movement activist Russell Means dead at 72
* List of Central Intelligence Agency proprietary agencies & agents


  October 21, 2012

* 150,000 march to London's Hyde Park against government austerity
* World's first colour moving pictures were made in Britain in 1902
* "Master keys" to the infrastructure of New York City sold on eBay
* TSA removes "backscatter" X-ray body scanners from major airports
* Center for Copyright Information is behind US "six strikes" plan


  October 20, 2012

* Results of neuro-imaging tests on brain of autistic Temple Grandin
* Report from OpenStreetMap's annual conference in Oregon, Oct 13-14
* Ryan supporters upset after charity president asserts independence
* Kander's photos show industry & nature in battle along the Yangtze
* Doctors expect "pretty much a full recovery" for Malala Yousafzai

* Initiative to put collective bargaining in Michigan constitution
* Pirate Bay founder Svartholm reportedly in solitary confinement
* Alameda County Sheriff's office tested drone "about a year ago"
* Attorney posts files used as evidence vs Boy Scouts of America
* Leah-Lynn Plante released after refusing to answer grand jury


  October 19, 2012

* Salt Lake City Tribune editorial board endorses Obama for president
* Green Party candidate arrested trying to access presidential debate
* Bush appointee writes opinion overturning military tribunal verdict
* Evangelical christian film maker Dinesh D'Souza committing adultery
* Confirmed link between creativity & mental illness amongst families

* European Union drops Iranian satellite channels carried by Eutelstat
* Astronomers discover planet in nearest star system Alpha Centauri Bb
* Salafists destroy 8,000 year old stone carvings of the sun in Morocco
* Pirate Bay hosted by multiple cloud computing services in two nations
* Recyclable cardboard bicycle ready for mass production; no metal parts


  October 15, 2012

* Tens of thousands rally in Karachi for young activist Malala Yousafzai
* Felix Baumgartner breaks sound barrier during skydive from 128,000 feet
* Einstein letter on religion is to be auctioned; subtle views summarized
* Billy Graham's website no longer calls Mormonism a cult; supports Romney
* Netflix settles with National Association for the Deaf to caption videos


  October 13, 2012

* Out of character Colbert talks about presidential race on Meet The Press
* Springsteen hits campaign trail on behalf of Obama beginning October 16
* Citations from 150 US government publications that mentioned Wikileaks
* Conditions during Morning Glory cloud formation in Gulf of Carpenteria
* New Zealand photographer John Crawford's series called "Aerial Nudes"


  October 12, 2012

* Matt Taibbi's review of last night's debate between VP Biden & Rep. Ryan
* House Republican reveals CIA base location during hearing on Libya attack
* Montana ballot includes constitutional amendment on corporate personhood
* Musical micro-genre of Hauntology exhibits current sense of atemporality
* Obituary of Prince Roy Bates of the micro-nation of Sealand, dead at 91


  October 11, 2012

* Non-union wildcat strikes at WalMart stores in several large US cities
* Time Magazine's extensive coverage of Rep. Paul Ryan's workout routine
* Episcopal Bishop denied entrance to Catholic Archbishop's installation
* Focus On The Family made 34 predictions about end of first Obama term
* Using Greisen-Zatsepin-Kuzmi limit to indicate Universe is simulation

* SCOTUS to decide if patents on Genetically Modified Organisms are valid
* Judge rules book scanning is fair use, suggesting Google Books victory
* Cisco cuts ties to China's ZTE after internal probe of sales to Iran
* Romney campaign wants Congressman called "Mister Ryan" during debate
* Organism without a brain can create external memories for navigation

  October 7, 2012

* Summary of the John Stewart vs Bill O'Reilly Rumble with video clips
* Summary of divisions & independence movements in the European Union
* Code Pink joined Imran Khan in nine-mile convoy to South Waziristan
* Founders decided which parts of Bible to include in US Constitution
* My pictures near the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival Banjo Stage


  October 5, 2012

* Romney campaign corrects debate claim regarding pre-existing conditions
* Romney disavows across the board tax cut he promoted in stump speeches
* Gay teen denied Eagle Scout award over "standard of sexual orientation"
* Women on Waves ships provide medical abortions in international waters
* Member of Congressional Science Committee says Earth is 9000 years old

* Limbaugh: we can handle Democrats without resorting to violence, so far
* King of Jordan dissolves parliament; prime minister no longer appointed
* Facebook surpasses 1,000,000,000 users who log in at least once a month
* Astronomers begin 2-year search for Dyson Spheres of alien civilizations
* Walkabout [1971]; aboriginal youth saves lives of abandoned white youths


  October 3, 2012

* Writer of The Princess Bride screenplay "would love to" write a sequel
* NSA collects 1.7 billion phone calls & electronic communications daily
* Homeland Security "fusion centers" detail reading habits of US citizens
* Hewlett-Packard stock at nine-year low after warning by CEO Meg Whitman
* Ahmadinejad addresses very recent 40% fall in value of Iranian currency

  October 2, 2012

* YouTube to livestream US presidential debates and network commentaries

  October 1, 2012

* RIP New York Times publisher "Punch" Sulzberger; printed Pentagon Papers
* Ann Romney's "biggest concern" would be for husband's "mental well-being"
* Boy Scouts of America has collected information on pedophiles since 1910
* Skydiver Felix Baumgartner will attempt to break sound barrier October 8
* Stockholm cops raid free-speech colocation provider PRQ; seize 4 servers


  September 30, 2012

* After 50 year wait, Frida Kahlo's dresses are displayed at La Casa Azul
* Early version of Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa now on display in Geneva
* Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Svartholm remians locked up without charges
* Republican voter registration fraud in at least elevan Florida counties
* US military designates Julian Assange & Wikileaks as "enemies of state"

* Ryan on Tax Plan: "It would take me too long to go through all the math"
* California governor signs ban on sexual orientation "therapy" for minors
* Deep Packet Inspection displays network traffic information in realtime
* Dept of Homeland Security Spying Enterprise Product Line Brochure [PDF]
* Russian court to hear appeal of Pussy Riot conviction for "hooliganism"


  September 29, 2012

* Federal real-time surveillance of social networks jumped 80% in one year
* Judge throws out 92 Occupy Chicago convictions on First Amendment grounds
* Trial of Pope's butler Paolo Gabriele being held under 19th century code
* Israeli Prime Minister holds up an image of a bomb at the United Nations
* New Zealand Prime Minister apologizes to Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom

* 230 pictures from my hike to Mt Jefferson Oregon with Feng last weekend
* Pennsylvania newspaper posts local police "wanted" mugshots on Pinterest
* George W Bush is keynote speaker at Cayman Alternative Investment Summit
* Florida Republican Party fires firm suspected of voter registration fraud
* Moyers & Company documentary on the American Legislative Exchange Council


  September 20, 2012

* Communication Workers of America & Verizon reach tentative agreement
* Scientists: cannabis compound stops metastasis in aggressive cancers
* Oliver Sacks recounts experimentation with LSD, morning glory seeds
* Fiona Apple spends night in a Texas jail for possession of hashish


  September 19, 2012

* Elizabeth Warren: Romney writes off half of Americans as deadbeats
* Inspector General's Fast and Furious report clears Attorney General
* Member of Burmese parliament Aung San Suu Kyi visiting US this week
* Activist charged with 13 felonies for downloading academic articles
* Lady Gaga smokes marijuana; says it helps her cut back on alchohol


  September 18, 2012

* Obama: If you want to be president, you have to work for everybody
* Legal battle between NSA and group of non-terrorist AT&T customers
* Researchers find association between obesity & urinary bisphenol A
* Chicago teachers union votes to suspend strike; in class tomorrow
* Winners of the National Geographic Traveler 2012 photo contest


  September 17, 2012

* Recording of Romney at small fundraiser leaked to Mother Jones
* Romney won't offer specifics on new pledge to provide specifics
* 65 year study finds that tax cuts don't lead to economic growth
* Vittorio Arrigoni's kidnappers convicted by Gaza military court
* Government & political sites hacked on Mexican Independence Day


  September 16, 2012

* Google rejects White House request to pull anti-Muhammad film trailer
* Why Twitter caved and handed "Occupy" protesters data to authorities
* Boy Scouts of America didn't report hundreds of alleged perpetrators
* Beef producer files suit against ABC News for report on "pink slime"
* Cambodia deports Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm to Sweden


  September 14, 2012

* Zoe Saldana cast to portray musician Nina Simone in planned biopic
* Newcastle University researchers show how neurons in the brain age
* Walken
endorses Obama; "people were scared, now they're concerned"
* Judge strikes down law targeting Wisconsin's public sector unions
* Kansas "Objection Board" will consider removing Obama from ballot

* Chicago Teachers Union agrees to framework to end week long strike
* Jewish Super PAC financed Samuel L. Jackson video supporting Obama
* RIPE distributing blocks of IPv4 addresses from last remaining /8
* Protest planned at Chick-fil-A opening in Walnut Creek October 25
* Protests in 20 countries over film trailer mocking Muslim prophet

  September 12, 2012

* Russian prime minister Dimitri Medvedev calls for release of Pussy Riot
* Cairo embassy statement preceded deaths of diplomatic staff in Benghazi
* Pennsylvania Supreme Court hearing on new Voter ID law begins tomorrow
* Facebook tells New Yorker magazine to remove cartoon depicting nipples
* ESPN Dock Ellis profile centers around no-hitter pitched while on LSD


  September 11, 2012

* Libertarian candidate for President Gov. Gary Johnson's AMA on Reddit
* Bush thought reports of planned al Qaeda attack were lies from Saddam
* Google adds Pirate Bay domains & torrent related terms to censor list
* Letter to Legislator Burns from NFL punter in support of gay marriage
* Pictures of Miles Davis [1956-1975]; Pictures of Tom Waits [1975-1993]


  September 10, 2012

* Memos show US helped cover up Soviet massacre in Poland during WWII
* Gold advances on Fed Reserve plan to further dilute value of dollar
* Complex Systems theorists predicting global food riots in one year
* Errol Morris pens NYT OpEd to test correlation of font to response
* Anonymous takes down GoDaddy nameservers and millions of websites


  September 9, 2012

* Two-tier US justice system allows Wall Street to use private jury pool
* Nate Silver predicts Obama to soon poll several points ahead of Romney
* US won't honor extradition treaty and send former Bolivian leader home
* Hot and Crusty Workers Association organized at 24 hour NY City bakery
* William Blake illustrated parts of Edward Young's poem Night Thoughts


  September 8, 2012

* Democratic administrations top those of Republicans in job creation
* Sen. Sanders interview with Bill Moyers after Democratic convention
* Costs that corporations impose on society for which they do not pay
* Tornados touch down in New York City boroughs of Brooklyn & Queens
* Montana medical marijuana activist Tom Daubert receives probation

* Fight against duplication by Monsanto & the music industry compared
* Ohio Sec. of State Jon Husted apologizes to court for misimpression
* Romney's convention speech didn't include thanks to troops overseas
* Report: Israeli defense minister Barack now opposes attack on Iran
* Rebekah Brooks appears in British court; ordered to return Sept 26

* Judge says sniffing unencrypted WiFi connections is not wiretapping
* Google Maps increases resolution of satellite imagery in 60 regions
* Short video on the production of titanium gears for Curiosity rover
* NSA periodical on the search for foundations of cybersecurity [PDF]
* 1859 photo of two people would be the 2nd known of Emily Dickenson



  September 5, 2012

* Bill Clinton at Democratic National Convention [Video]


  September 3, 2012

* Recent study suggests Turkey as birthplace of Indo-European langauges
* In May 2001, Pope John Paul II prayed in a mosque and kissed a Quran
* Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfried Svartholm arrested by Cambodian cops
* Elon Musk says he's planning a "supersonic, electric hover jetplane"
* California legislature passes public employee pension rollback bill


  September 2, 2012

* Many astronauts describe "Overview Effect"; feeling of connectedness
* New evidence humans interbred with Denisovans, as well as Neandertal
* Bruce Willis fighting for rights to iTunes collection after he dies
* South Africa provisionally drops murder charges against 270 miners
* President Barack Obama's AMA ("Ask Me Anything") thread on Reddit

* Obama's justice department grants immunity to Bush's CIA torturers
* Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein's passion for looking, not thinking
* Hand-coloured etchings of 1870s Paris street scenes by A. P. Martial
* Images of Olympic Trailer Court in Los Angeles by Ansel Adams [1940]
* Images of US veterans recovering at Brooke Army Medical Center [2012]


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